Whether you are a smoker or not, you likely understand that smoking is harmful to you. However, do you really know why they say each cigarette you smoke takes 11 minutes off of your life? MEDspiration recently decided to test out the true effects of smoking on a human lung. They set up the lung in a chamber that allowed them to inject smoke from cigarettes and inflate the lungs repeatedly. For the test, the had the lunch chain smoke 20 cigarettes, then they cut it open. You can check out the disgusting experiment below.
WARNING: Not for the squeamish

The first of the video shows the buildup of tar in the trachea, which was severely discolored from even just one pack of cigarettes. When a healthy non-smoking lung is compared to the one ran through the test, the discoloration in the smoking lung also becomes more apparent. There are an estimated 5.8 trillion cigarettes smoked each year which correlates to about 121 million years of people’s lives lost collectively every year just due to smoking.
lungs smoking[Image Source:  MEDspiration]
So, if you’re thinking that just one cigarette won’t hurt you, think again. While not everyone who smokes will die of cancer, smoking will drastically increase your risks and also cause other health problems to manifest.
Source: Interesting Engineering

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