Withstanding setbacks and Derision

Withstanding setbacks and Derision
The quality of a person can easily be deduced on the basis of his capacity to withstand repeated failures and the smirks and derision from well wishers and also enemies. But the Derision experts always try to demoralize. They egg others to join the lynching. Easy success is simply not success at all. It is the receipt of a donation. When the mission involves the interest of millions of people, one must automatically expect derision and also the effort to egg and gang up by the derider.
The methods of derision are many. The outright boor leaves the topic and attacks you personally. He is the easiest to handle. You can ignore him, because he has become a boor in the first place, because he led a life of failures and pocketed many insults and now is trying to just get rid of the pent up revenge in negativism. He lost his capacity to understand because he just does not want to understand. The anger must be hiding inside him without his notice as a repression. Repressions are negative triggers based on bad experiences, which the conscious cannot bring out, but do lot of damage while hiding within. An expert psychiatrist can cure one of this condition. But left in the society these deriders do real damage if paid attention to.In a society they can kill missions.
But the most dangerous is the expert pretender, who puts a colour of scientific expertise to his derision. When Edison failed 2500 times before he succeeded in making the electric bulb he must have been confronted by many experts. When the attempts to develop the flying machines were made, the prevailing scientific opinion was that flying was impossible. One need not mention Einstein who was tormented by low grades, academic failure, considered unfit even for a school teacher’s job...
From the Galileo on all original thought often confronted virulent derision.

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