Many people comment that what we want is not within our reach. The question is, do you believe this and can you alter your dreams or goals?
Throughout the centuries, so-called significant or important  people have told people of various walks of life that they have no chance to succeed. But they had success marvelously.

In a lot other cases, many people cower from these kind of comments and start to believe that they cannot succeed, or that they do not have the intelligence or to accomplish a goal or a dream.
If you choose to believe these types of negative comments, you are engaging in what is often called a self-doubt, or, in other words, you start to believe what others say about you. If you do adopt as real or true what others have said about you, this means you have given control of your life, your destiny, to the opinions, thoughts and failings of others.
"You are the only real obstacle in your path to a fulfilling life." Les Brown
The biggest challenge to succeed is not your ability; but belief in yourself.
Many of your friends and acquaintances doubted your ability to be a business owner, or suggest that you should just forget about business idea and keep in job telling you that jobs were hard to come by. But if you did not want to totally give up idea. And, while continued to have confidence about what you really wanted to do, your goal will totally supported by a new business acquaintance.
New business acquaintance give you encouragement, make time available whenever you needed questions or suggestions, or just to talk about business issues. And, though you had all the right plans and ability to succeed, you remained your own worse obstacle. You should continue even though struggling with self-doubt.

You will conquer more issues around developing your business; you conquer your own apprehension, your own self-doubt. You succeeded because you did not listen to the naysayers; you succeeded because you overcame the greatest obstacle - your own belief in yourself.

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