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Prayer has no fixed time or days to perform. Prayer is part and parcel of breathing.

Misfortunes does not come singly​ one after the other it torments. All our efforts are there of course to safe guard us and to keep away from the path of difficulty ​ and yet beyond all these, there is some supreme power which is required to protect us.

It is easily attained with sincere and simple prayer. Given below some ​ points to think over about the efficacy of prayer:

Repeated uttering of God’s names, whatever name we like, over the years, countless times  brings about positive effects in us.

·       Prayer helps to lowering and reducing ​the blood pressure.
·       Prayer when offered the anger disappears.
·       Prayer is the chain linking the Heaven and Earth.
·       Prayer is talking to God, while Meditation is listening to​ Him.
·       ​​Prayer needs no specific way, form or words or any system  because God understands the  devotee  as a mother understands her baby and its needs.
·       Prayer helps with good digestion, peaceful sleep, gives a smiling face, sweet ​talk.
·       Prayer should be with a heart without words  and not just words without a heart.
·       Prayer is simple, sincere pouring out of heart to the Soul.
·       Prayer is an appeal to God for a sound mind in a sound body.
·       Prayer helps to believe in God through belief in us.
·       Prayer is a constant practice for concentration.
·       Prayer confirms the faith that He is you and you are Him
·       ​Prayer does help  our own will​ to find  answers ​to all questions.
·       Prayer enables realize God even in this life and to know God is to become God.
·       Prayer teaches if we know how to obey we will know how to command.
·       Prayer makes us understand that God and Devil is the same river ​and  water.
·       Prayer is the key that opens the door in the morning and the latch that closes ​it at night.
·       ​Prayer helps us to  see  while closing the eyes, ​to  see within​, a  more colorful world
·       Prayer educates that the whole of  Nature is for Soul, not the Soul for nature.
·       Prayer makes us inseparable with God like the flower and its fragrance.
·       ​Prayer ​done silently is a speech in volumes, a conversation between a child and its​ mother.
·       Prayer only brings orderliness, peace and repose in our daily acts.
·       ​Prayer ​heartully done is not a recital with lips. It is an yearning which expresses itself in​ every word,  act and thought​

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