Some people have strong personalities, in that people either hate them or love them.. they have very distinct personalities that basically say.. this is who i am.. either love it or leave it... they are confident in who they are and really dont allow other people to shape their thinking. They have their opinions on issues and let them be known, without trying to curry favor with the "crowd"....They are aware of what they like and what they don't like... They don't seek to control other people.. their only focus is mastery of self..
Other people have weak personalities.. in that they are more easily influenced and seek the approval of the crowd.... they need others to "take charge" and responsiblity in various situations.. they strive to be loved by all because rejection can be crumbling to their self esteem.. They seek to keep up with the Joneses when the Joneses don't even know they live in the same neighborhood..

Now by strong personalities I don't mean people who are boorish and want to control other people.. by weak personalities i don't mean wallflowers that everybody can run roughshod over... I dont mean that at all.. the outlook is telling

Example: A person with a strong personality is asked in front of a few people why they have no children... They respond that they are not married or  Strong Personality responds "I don't want to be a baby mother".... A listener with a strong personality may respond "oh okay.. well to each his own".. a listener with a weak personality may respond "oh you so stuck up bytch! looking down on people that got kids because they ain't married!" ... why the disparity.. because the strong personality listener is aware that each person has their own desires for their own life and isn't offended because their perception of their own situation is not affected by other people.. the weaker personality feels as if they were personally slighted because they may have their own issues about being perceived as a "baby-mother"

So... why do weaker personalities always seem to be offended by others with strong personalities?? What kind of personality do you think you have? Do you find yourself wanting to "put people in their place" when they talk about doing something that you may feel is out of your reach/budget or giving an opinion about something? Do you care very little for what other people do with their own lives as long as they don't desire to leech your bank accounts or waste your time? Are you percieved as "looking down on people" because your opinions are not geared towards becoming a crowd favorite? Do you feel people look down on you because they express realities different from your own?

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