It’s funny how much time being online takes up I sometimes look at my phone to just open one message, look at that one comment I have received on Facebook, that 1 tweet… and the story goes on. I have realized, if I don’t look at the news and go to sleep, the next day…. The world is moving on! (Hard to believe right! ;)) A little here and a little there but nothing major and trust me, if it did stop, you would see people running around not updating their statuses.

It starts with just opening one application and then being completely immersed in it for 2-3 hours!

Little things happened while I was on the digital fasting:

·    My food tasted better! Maybe because I was paying more attention to what went into it?

·    I was less restless! Maybe because I wasn’t unconsciously thinking I had to check my phone?

·    Realized we hadn’t ‘talked’ in days – maybe because I wasn’t whatsapping her and liking her pictures on facebook?

·    I noticed my daughter understands a third language I speak and with a wee bit of effort she may start speaking in it! – Just maybe I heard her say 2 words of that language… because my mind wasn’t blocked by voices saying, ‘Like, Comment, Share, Reply, Watch Later, Tweet, Snap it for a Chat…’

I tested the hypothesis, ‘you get more consistent and committed if you don’t let yourself distracted’ and started a drawing and… I finished it! (Woahhh when was the last time THAT happened!!??) 


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