When we are healthy we often take it for granted and get busy enjoying all the other things and do not care for health. However, when we are not healthy, it can over our life miserable.
In many cases disease of the body is a result of dis-ease in the mind, soul, spirit, subconscious, call it what you will. The good news is, that means we can do something about it.
Disease of the body results from dis-ease in the mindMany countries have long recognized this link and their medicinal techniques reflect a much more "holistic" approach to healing. It is a reality that our thoughts are closely linked to our physical bodies; dysfunction in one is often reflected in the other. Allopathic medicine tends to treat symptoms, often successfully "making it go away", but fail to treat the cause.

There is scientific evidence now showing that the immune system, actually works closely with both the nervous and endocrine systems to carry out its task. Clearly indicates that our mind and our emotions can influence illness.

Physical patterns are created in sympathy with mental patterns.
Our mind and our bodies are so closely linked and used to working automatically that both positive and negative internalized beliefs in the mind are reflected in other parts of the body. Physical problems are created in sympathy with mental patterns. Positive thoughts makes the body in healing, makes natural defenses to action. These actions are often subconscious and compulsive or addictive in nature.

There are many other reasons why we get sick and some of those are out of our control, but being strong and healthy mentally is our very best defense against sickness.

Actions for Positive Health
The following are essential for living healthily and healing.
  • Love and respect your whole self.
  • Forgive everyone - It is a truly powerful healing tool, it just releases you from continuing to be a victim. Anger and resentment held over a long period WILL cause serious illness.
  • Be Positive- a positive outlook improves health outcomes. Never criticise yourself or others, Replace negative thoughts with positive self-nurturing ones.
  • Start a programme of extreme self care - its time to get serious about caring for yourself at all levels, start doing the things you love, look after yourself, have some fun. Set time aside every day, just for you, use to get back in touch with your inner self.
  • Make healthy, informed, self-nurturing choices - thinking consciously, be aware of your thoughts and words. If you are stuck, it usually because there is something you need to know. Make it your goal to always actively seek and understand the knowledge you need. This will enable you to make the correct choices for you.
  • Talk to your Doctor -do not abandon your medical support just because you find an alternative approach.
  • Exercise regularly- Failure to or an inability to exercise will inevitably bring on health problems. I strongly recommend trying to adjust your lifestyle to naturally incorporate exercise as part of your normal life. The more you exercise and the more powerfully you exercise, the better you will feel and you will also experience a thrilling boost to your natural energy levels.
  • Affirmations for Health- Learn more about the positive power of affirmations and other supporting techniques
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