Why did you get out of bed this morning? Why are you reading this message? Look at your list of things to do today. Why has each item been added to the list? For what reasons do you work, love, play, strive and pray?

You've gotten good at going through the routine, but perhaps you've lost touch with the reasons why you're doing it all in the first place. Stop for a moment and think about why.

The reasons are there. Buried under the noisy complications of daily life is the person you truly wish to be and things which you long to achieve. In some way, whatever you're doing at any moment is connected to those reasons. But if you've lost touch with the reasons, the connection may be distorted and your actions may be less effective than they could be.

When you remember why, you get where you wish to go with much more speed and effectiveness. Take the time and make the effort to stay in touch with why. Know what drives you, and let it take you wherever you wish to go.

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