You already know the importance of discipline, integrity, perseverance, patience and positive focus. You've experienced their benefits, and you've experienced the pain of their absence.

Yet your attention is often overwhelmed by the moment, and you too often abandon the sensibility that you already have. So make a conscious effort to remember. The good things are already yours to the extent that you recall and appreciate their goodness.

Success in life flows from the gratitude and appreciation of those qualities which make success possible. There have been times when you've expressed each of those qualities with your thoughts and actions. Had you not done so, you wouldn't have made it this far.

Latch on to the qualities which bring true fulfillment. Clearly and fully recall their value so as to remind yourself how very much you desire them and the fruits they bring. Remember what you already know and let it guide you to achieve.

Copyright Ralph S. Marston, Jr.

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