Now this pertains to everything what people do as human beings. We fail because we do not have a bigger motivation to achieve our visions. If you remember one of my email in which I mentioned that there are only two ways of motivating anyone (fear or reward, we also call it pain or gain). Most people are not going through the drills of life with enough motivation to achieve the goals they have written for themselves.

If you have successfully written down the goals you have enough brain power to creatively look for opportunities and find ideas to achieve them but if your heart is not motivated to achieve these goals you will find yourself at the crossroads such that your brain will want one thing and your heart wants the other.

I see a lot of people get stuck on the cross roads of life. And we have a system to identify them. We tend to write visions that are ambitious like becoming a CEO, or a rich person, or getting recognized by some award or receiving a PhD degree etc. All of them are nice goals but since most of the most people want to align their visions and goals with their ultimate purpose of life (this world and hereafter), defining success in a very materialistic way and create wrong references without ideological connection may drive them forward in life and get to some success as well, but there is always a feeling of meaninglessness in life.

So the primary reason for most people to fail is that they aim for goals which are not ideologically aligned. They are able to tap into motivation and their brain powers, but they are not driven from their hearts.

You would agree with me that if something comes from your heart, it is more powerful than what comes from influence of others. Also when something comes from heart you are able to give yourself the reason and describing why you want something so much that you will not settle at anything less than that.

We have had some amazing breakthroughs with a lot of people with this simple strategy of value alignment according to ideology and many of you know the stories we share in our workshops. I would like you to seriously think about becoming an inspiring story for millions of people around, with the will of God.

Stay blessed,
Yameenuddin Ahmed.
Timelenders FZE, Ras Al Khaimah, UAE.

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