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12 Tips to Stay On Top of Stress


Posted by Gabrielle Reece
  1. Exercise. Believe me, they've helped me many days with my perspective. If you have to work out, then go take a brisk walk and get that blood flowing. It isn't about working out to lose weight -- it's about being healthy and staying sane.
  2. Eat the real stuff. Crappy food (fast, processed, and loaded with sugar) doesn't help your chemical brain and body handle stress. Living food, real food, helps support your mind and body while it's trying to deal with the million things coming its way. Every time I reach for the chocolate, I'm looking to feel something from it. Don't get me wrong -- if it's just a little here and there because I enjoy the taste of it, great. But if I'm using it the minute I feel overwhelmed, then that's when that food is no longer OK to eat. It doesn't make the problem go away, and then I just feel bad about eating the food to pacify myself. Grab green food instead. Put things in your mouth that are going to support your immune function and keep you levelheaded.
  3. Notice. Try not to let the stress overtake you. Recognize the situations that cause the stress and notice them coming your way. You have a better shot at fending off the full effects of the stress when you can anticipate it.
  4. Get it off your chest. Talk to a friend or partner about the stress. Sometimes just getting it off your chest can help unload some of the burden. 
  5. Keep your sense of humor. If you do have the chance to talk about it, try to see the irony and humor in the wacky bits. I think someone is dead in the water once they lose their sense of humor.
  6. Stay grateful. My daughter has large lungs and verbal skills she likes to display. Just when I start to wishfully think about her being quiet, I remind myself to be grateful that she can talk to me at all. In almost all of our problems are boatloads of blessings. "Oh, I don't feel like going to the gym."  Well, Amen that you have the means and the health to even be able to wrestle with the idea of going to work out. Make a habit of saying thank you. You will notice the sunny spots a lot more often, and not just the gray skies and storms.
  7. Ask, "What's the hurry?"  Have some fun. We're always so busy going somewhere, we miss just enjoying the moment. If an opportunity comes your way to do something fun, take it.
  8. Take a deep breath. When you feel the stress getting to you, take a moment. Get away, even if it's just for an hour, to be with yourself and your thoughts. Some people like to take a walk, meditate, lock themselves away in a beautiful bath, or go to church. Find the peace and the silence.
  9. Keep it simple. Simplify where you can. Does Junior really need to be in 78 activities at the age of 5?  Do you have to go to every little party or gathering you're invited to?
  10. Turn of the TV. A lot of it is bad news anyway, and it robs us of hours that we could use to be getting other things done. Since everyone complains that they have no time, get some by unplugging from the tube.
  11. Sleep. If you're rested, you have a better shot at handling things. Not to mention, you may not stress out as easily if you have a chance to recover at night.
  12. Drink water. I have said it before: Americans consume 21 percent of their calories through liquid consumption. Hydrate with water. Help you entire system function better just by drinking enough water. Oh, and by the way, if you don't think that weight loss and proper hydration have a relationship, think again. Shift the paradigm on its side -- don't think about exercise and nutritional eating just as something you have to suffer through to get into those jeans. Instead, think of them as armor that will protect you in this crazy world, with all of the bazillion details you deal with every day.

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10 Tips to Fight Depression

By: Junaid Tahir
During the phase of depression sometimes we become pessimist and our negative thoughts make it hard to attain back the peaceful state. As we are already depressed due to tough circumstances, these negative thoughts add fuel to fire and steal our peace of mind making it really hard to concentrate even on routine things. So what should be done to fight the depression and negativity? Below are the tips to be considered:

1-    Try not to think about problems of past and rough circumstances again and again; instead focus on the solutions. Think what needs to be done to fix the issues.
2-   Change your environment. Take a break from your routine life and visit some relative or explore some new city/country.
3-   Stay away from negative people. Remember, if someone is negative, he/she is spreading negative germs. Keep yourself germ-free.
4-   Read news paper or a good book on daily basis.
5-   Go to market and buy yourself something you like. Feel good about it.
6-   Surround yourself among happy people. Spend quality time with joyful and colorful friends
7-   Adopt some good hobby and spend time on it. (gardening, blogging, book reading)
8-   Visit Orphan house and spend time with children. Help them financially if possible. Give gifts. This act gives real inner happiness.
9-   Think about the positive events of your life. About your childhood, education, fun trip, a friend's wedding etc.
10- Don't allow people to make your life miserable. No one is in-charge of your happiness except you so ignore negative comments and suggestions

About Author: Junaid Tahir, a telecom engineer and a blogger, writes articles on wisdom, happiness and stress management. His articles can be read Here

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How To Develop Motivation in Your Everyday Life

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Personal development, maximizing your potential, goals setting, motivating yourself for the better – these are some of the inter-related things that you need to work on as an individual

Here, we will set our sights on the many ways that you can develop motivation in life.

The Importance of Finding Out what Motivates You

Ryan Whiteside is a Guest Blogger for PickTheBrain. To learn more about personal development and how to set goals visit the Ultimate Guide To Personal Development

First, let's find out what the importance of motivation exactly is. Simply put, motivation is that driving force which allows you to achieve your goals and go after what you want in life. If you want to change your personality for the better, get a promotion at work, start a new habit, be a better person who is part of the community, become a better parent for your kid – all of these things would be easier accomplished if you are properly motivated.

As long as you have a strong personal motivation, you can achieve almost anything that you want from life. However, remember not to fall into the trap of looking for short-cuts to achieve your goals. It's perfectly fine if you have to take a long and winding road to achieve your goal. It will be an even sweeter victory when you finally achieve your goal, knowing that you have had to go through several hurdles to attain it.

Developing Motivation in LifeSo how can you develop motivation in life? If you wish to accomplish a goal – be it short-term or long-term in nature – how can you find it in you to be properly motivated? Here are a few things that you should keep in mind:

1. Focus on one goal at a time.
This should be partnered with the fact that you should make sure that your short-term goals all help in achieving your long-term goals. One of the best ways for you to focus on one goal at a time is to make a diary of your goals – yes, write it down – so that you will have a visual representation of the things that you want to achieve rather than letting it all get lost in your head.

2. Get rid of all the distractions which might prevent you from achieving your goal.Let's say that you are a writer who wants to finish a book. How can you type away on your keyboard one chapter after another if there are many distractions surrounding you like television, friends chattering away or the lure of aimlessly browsing through the Internet. In order for you to stay properly motivated, make sure to steer clear of any distractions.

3. Completely block out any negative influences.Finally, make sure that you are completely blocking out any negative influences in your life. If you feel that you are being distracted from your goal by a problem which does not seem to go away, ask yourself what you can do to eliminate such a challenge and distraction in your life. Maybe you are being sidetracked by negative thoughts and feelings because you have no faith in yourself. Addressing the root of the problem, completely blocking out any negative distractions and thinking purely positive thoughts is the best way for you to develop motivation in your everyday life.

4-Constantly Work At Motivating YourselfA goal doesn't do you much good unless you are constantly thinking about, and working towards it. Write down your goal and place it somewhere that you will see it at least 1-2 times a day. If you have a weight loss goal, place your written goal beside the refrigerator. If your goal is to get physically stronger, place your written goal near your weight bench so you can see it when you are working out. This provides the extra motivation you need for those tough days.

5- Use Motivational QuotesA great way to motivate yourself with business goals is to put up a motivational quote beside your desk. Do a Google search for motivational quotes, then print off one and put it inside of a picture frame. Keep it there and read it occasionally throughout the day. Whenever you find yourself not looking at the quote anymore, or it no longer provides the inspiration that it once did, it's time to change the quote. It's perfectly OK to change this quote every 1-2 weeks for maximum motivation.

6- Read Your GoalsSome people make a habit of reading their goals either when they first wake up or right before they go to bed. When you read your goals upon arising, you may begin to notice that you find yourself doing more each day to help you reach your goals. Similarly, when you read your goals right before bed, you may notice that you wake up with good ideas that you never thought of before.

Final ThoughtsFinal Thoughts
It's important to have motivation in your life. Motivation is the fuel that you need to continue striving for your goals. Soak up motivating things in your life on a daily basis. Read great books that will inspire you. Read great blogs that are both positive and informative.

It's human nature to have days were you aren't very motivated. However, if you continue to surround yourself with positive and motivational things, those days will be few and far between.

Failure is Imagination - His Wife Left Him Despite Being Successful

Failure is just a word, an accusation by someone being a failure at seeing the good in what they judged and condemned. Accepting the word 'failure' as a condemnation of yourself is 'self-torture'. Failure is a 'bully' word that has permeated the mindset of infinite undeserving people who are psychologically molested by the words of others without consideration of why it's a disingenuous label that serves no one.
Once I knew a man who was seemingly extremely successful, by societies standards, in everything he did, until one day his wife left him for a far less successful co-worker. Over the next few months, and in fact several years, he inflicted great emotional pain on himself to the point of losing all his assets, as well as his drive to accumulate more great wealth. Truth be known, he had lived in self entitlement with the air of being superior to everyone. I finally convinced him, though he thought for the longest time that I was nuts, that because of his 'alleged misfortune' he for the first time, had an open opportunity to find the spiritual wealth within himself through the path of 'intentional suffering'. He has since accepted his position as a spiritual opportunity, and not failure. Success is going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm. People will come and go, that's life!

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HEALTH: 10 Health Benefits We Get From Sweating

Wonders of our body functioning created by God revealed with respect to Sweating function in this message.
​ ​
Let us thank God for this too.

10 Health Benefits We Get From Sweating

Sweat is our own, free-of-charge air conditioning unit, built inside our skin. It cools down the body so we don't over-work ourselves and get heat stroke. It keeps us in balance. But what else does it do, and why is it so recommended to 'work up a sweat'? Well, it may have to do with the following 10 reasons:

1. Did you know that sweat glands help heal wounds?

In recent years, many studies have focused on the rarely researched sweat galnands, especially the eccrine sweat glands. These can be found in the millions, embedded in our skin. University of Micigan researchers discovered that these glands host a significant reservoir of adult stem cells, which are used to close wounds. By studying the processes of how wounds close utilizing this material, scientists hope to unlock the potential for making healing drugs.

2. Getting rid of toxins
Experts say that we mainly sweat excess salt, cholesterol and alcohol. This means that sweating "de-bloats" us, cleaned our clogged arteries and helps us get rid of a hangover. So next time you sweat, think about the bad materials your body is getting rid of.

3. Keeping that pain away
When we exercise, we don't only produce endorphins, we also get pain relief. If you have a sore neck or a pain that won't go away, exercise can stimulate neurochemical pathways in our brain that produces endorphins and acts as a natural painkiller. Having chronic pain is one of the worst things to bear, but regular exercise (if allowed) is a great way to keep that pain at bay.

4. Preventing those incredibly painful kidney stones
Kidney stones have been described as extremely painful (with some comparing it tochild birth without the happy outcome) and happen when we intake too much salt and don't 'flush' our system often enough. Studies have shown, though, that working up a sweat on a regular basis coupled with lots of drinking will flush your kidneys and your system well enough to avoid the production of kidney stones, as well as flushing more toxins out of your body.

5. It's great for a good looking skin that doesn't break in zits and stains
When we sweat, the pores in our skin open wide and release a lot of the grime and dirt that have been trapped there. Of course, if we just leave it there nothing will get cleaner. So if you are sweating, make sure to thoroughly clean your face at least 3 times a day, so all that dirt gets washed away instead of staying on your face.

6. Elevates the mood
You may have noticed that super good feeling you get after you work up a sweat by exercise. It's not just in your head and it's not just the exercise. When our body gets warm enough to sweat it triggers certain temperature-sensitive neurons in our brain that play a significant part in controlling our moods. So working the body up to those temperatures while also getting a good workout is a great way to make ourselves feel better, more self confident and in a terrific mood.

7. Releasing clenched muscles
Sweating warm up the muscles of the body with humidity and heat, this action helps us release those tired and sore muscles by elevating the stress and fatigue they are under.

8. In addition to natural toxins, sweating also gets rid of artificial ones
Pesticides, herbicides and heavy metals are in great use all around us, and we often don't know how exposed to these materials we really are. Sweating is one way by which we can rid our body from the artificial poisons we may be exposed to.

9. Preventing colds and infection
Do you like using sanitizer? Did you know your body makes one? A study at the University of Tubingen in Germany suggests that human sweat contains a antimicrobial agent that has been shown to fight against tuberculosis germs and other pathogens that may threaten us.

10. And of course - regulating our temperature, but also for the long term

Sweating helps our body recognize our need for keeping temperature even. The body adjusts to the conditions around it. So the more we sweat, the better the body will learn when and how much to secret sweat and how best to cool (or warm) itself. Not only for that moment of exercise, but ultimately - all the time.
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The Train Of Life

At birth we boarded the train and met our parents,
and we believe they will always travel on our side.

However, at some station
our parents will step down from the train,
leaving us on this journey alone.

As time goes by,
other people will board the train;
and they will be significant
i.e. our siblings, friends, children,
and even the love of your life.

Many will step down
and leave a permanent vacuum.

Others will go so unnoticed
that we don't realize
they vacated their seats.

This train ride will be full of joy,
sorrow, fantasy, expectations,
hellos, goodbyes, and farewells.

Success consists of having a good relationship
with all passengers
requiring that we give the best of ourselves.

The mystery to everyone is:
We do not know at which station
we ourselves will step down.

So, we must live in the best way,
love, forgive, and offer the best of who we are.

It is important to do
this because when the time comes for us to step down
and leave our seat empty
we should leave behind beautiful memories
for those who will continue to travel on the train of life.

I wish you a joyful journey on the train of life.
Reap success and give lots of love.
More importantly, thank God for the journey.

Lastly, I thank you
for being one of the passengers on my train.*:) happy

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​ Procrastination -​ ​ The Chronic Fear to Face Problems

Procrastination means the inability to do a thing and postponing it. It indicates the chronic fear to face a problem. When one is afraid, one automatically postpones. Postponement and self deception that the work will be done sometime after, but not at the moment, or by someone else, becomes hormonal--the automatic reflex. The work however small or trivial it may be, begins terrorizing. And one becomes one's own accuser and also excuse finder---

e is the excuse habit and automatic postponement. Work and decision go together.
​ ​

The person always jumps with a promise, first to second any move, but only to automatically frustrate and actually obstruct the implementation. He obstructs everyone else, creating an atmosphere of failure and frustration. The social frustration which he creates becomes his alibi (our society is like this, what one person can do?). He piles up failures and also scholarship.

Unfortunately when he climbs up the social ladder by creating general dissatisfaction and a general sense of failure, he confronts the need to actually do work, something to which his hormones are not accustomed. He becomes the leader under seize. To appear to be doing something, he automatically attempts a big reorganization.

Work needs doers, not orators. Doers are always calm, they cannot postpone and concentration is their basic habit. They create the nation of doers and their work speaks for them.Now, what are we, a nation of doers or just orators? Orators need problems, frustrations—their bread and butter.

Courage simply means doing the work. Cowardice Procrastination, indecision and cowardice go together. Ultimately the habit of procrastination leads to the habit of sabotage. The people live with problems, never attempt to face and solve them. They begin day dreaming for a deliverer—the dictator.

Today's Inspiration: 5 Directions to Look Into

Forwards – To know where you're going and plan ahead.

Backwards – To remember where you came from and avoid past mistakes.

Down – To make sure you don't step on others or ruin things along the way.

Sideways – To see who is there to support you, and who needs your help.

Up – To remind yourself that there's someone who's watching over you.

9 Simple Rules That Will Make Your Life Better

When we came into this world, we did not get an instruction manual on how to live a happy life, but if you think about it for a moment, you realize that we don't really need one. Life can be much simpler than we think it is, and the only thing we need to do to be happy is to remember these rules. These are my own guidelines to life, and remind me each and every day how I should be looking at the world and at life.

Before your say something bad,
Think about those who can't talk and say something back.

Before you complain about the taste or variety of your food,
remember there are starving people in the world.

Before you yell at your partner,
think of how lonely some people feel as
they go to sleep in an empty bed.

Before you complain about the state of things today,
think about all the people who never got to see this day.

Before you get upset because the house is messy,
remember that there are people who don't have a roof over their head.

Before you let traffic and long commutes irritate you,
think about how fortunate you are to have a job and a car.

Before you point an accusing finger at someone,
remember that you're not perfect, and you make mistakes too.

And the most important rule of them all:

Before you let a depressing thought ruin your mood,
put a smile on your face and be thankful you're alive!


And don't forget, every day, to look in five different directions:

​Tolerance Cultivates Wisdom

Tolerance is based on going beyond the superficial things that  divide us.  It's the result of turning within and coming to know the self. If I can deal with my own ego, then my own anger can be resolved. This goes a long way in resolving external issues too.
With my own ego out of the way, I will be able to handle anything! Otherwise it's just the same old  thing - you versus me, yours versus mine, etc. - intolerance. If I'm unselfish and honest in my heart and am concerned about others' needs, then I will be full enough to give.
When you know the self in this way, then you can know others. "I should be understood" changes to "I should understand". Not " They should change", but "I will give what's needed". Patience, peace and maturity develop. Spiritual tolerance cultivates innate wisdom, the kind you can't get from books.

20 Ways To Love Yourself

Here are 20 simple things you can do to start the journey of loving yourself.
1. Stop comparing yourself to others.  There may be times when competition is appropriate, but life is not one of them.  A great way to stop comparing yourself to others is to redirect the comparison within. 
Be proud of where you are in the present compare to the past.  This is a great strategy that will help you appreciate yourself and stop comparing yourself with others.
2. Stop picking your body apart.  Stop saying, "I am not skinny."  Instead, be proud of your body.  Make sure to take time to appreciate your curves and muscle. Start speaking positive affirmations of your body image. 
3. Discover your purpose.  A great way to boost your self-esteem is by discovering your unique gift. Give yourself the opportunity to find that talent within that makes you happy.
4. Make time to hang out with positive people.  You cannot hang out with negative people and expect to live a positive life. 
A great way to create a positive change in your life is by hanging out with positive-minded individuals who are proactive at been their best version of themselves.

The PHILOSOPHY of Happy Life
5. Get to know yourself.  Spend more time alone to learn more about yourself. Most people do not understand who they are.  By spending time by yourself, it will help you reflect on things you things your passionate about, learn new interest, and it will boost self-confidence.
6. Forgive and forget.  Letting go of grudges and bitterness is important for a healthier you. When someone you care about hurts you, do not hold on to the anger. By holding to anger it will affect your daily mood and possibly built up resentment.
7. Improve your appearance. Taking care of your external appearance is important and can help boost your self-confidence.  Looks are not about having a certain size or body, it's all about been the best version of you. You are not vain for caring about your appearance.
8. Maintain a healthy lifestyle. Hormones called, "endorphins" are released after working out making you feel good.  Exercise and endorphins have been linked to feelings of happiness. Exercising does affect your self-esteem by looking good, feeling strong, and having a positive attitude.

36 things we take for granted, every day!
9. Find a hobby. Hobbies let you explore interests outside of your line of work. Finding a hobby also helps to develop a personal life outside of your daily routine. Developing a hobby is essential in sustaining mental health and self-esteem.
10. Laugh at yourself.  Being able to laugh at yourself displays maturity and self-confidence.  Don't take yourself or anyone else too seriously.
11. Volunteer. Volunteering can provide a healthy boost to your self-confidence by helping other people less fortunate will help you become more humble. Making a positive contribution in the community will help improve your self-esteem.
12. Be less judgmental.  Learning how to be less judgmental and developing a more accepting and less selfish attitude will help boost your self-esteem.  Freeing yourself from been so judgmental, will also give you the opportunity not to dismiss others, and possible gain a lot of new friendships.

50 Encouraging Things to Say to Yourself
13. Stop trying to please everyone.  Many people spend their lives trying to please everyone; the result is not only stress and unhappiness but also low self-esteem.  Stop focusing on everyone else and pay attention to things that make you happy.
14. Smile more. When you smile, you feel and act in a more personable way to everyone around you and exude confidence.  A confident smile can be more attractive than good looks.  Mastering a health self image starts with a huge smile.
15. Move more.  offers a creative outlet for people to express their personalities and increase your self-esteem. 
16. Treat Yourself. The importance of treating yourself is often overlooked. We can sometimes feel guilty about doing something purely for ourselves. Many people are constantly giving to others but never take the time to treat themselves.

10 Principles for Peace of Mind
17. Create a balance. Maintaining a healthy life balance means is essential for your happiness.  Many people are living unbalance lives because they don't take the time to enjoy their life.  Take time to have a well-balanced life since is essential for personal effectiveness, peace of mind, and living well.
18. Take care of your finances.  Taking care of your finances is a big part of self-care.  Having low-self esteem can affect your finances by developing bad habits as over spending money.
People who have their finances well organized have higher self-esteem due to been able to take care of themselves with out been dependent of others. 
19.  Forgive your past self.  Forgive yourself and make room for happiness in your life. How long must you flog yourself before you are worthy of forgiveness? Target the specific things that you feel bad about and forgive yourself.
20. Don't assume the worst. Why do we always expect the worst? Constantly expecting the worst takes a toll on your self-esteem.  Stop assuming and believe in your abilities.
 Everyone has heard that you have to love yourself before someone else can love you.  Loving yourself is essential for a living a happier life.
Make sure to bookmark this page for future reference and start practicing these 20 simple ways to love yourself.​

​Source: ​

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