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Choosing the Right Mattress

The awesome amount of choice there is in the bedding market makes choosing something new a little bit of an effort. There are so many differ...

The awesome amount of choice there is in the bedding market makes choosing something new a little bit of an effort. There are so many different variables, be it sizes, comforts or the like that it can feel like navigating a minefield and often pointers can be needed. There is plenty of help out there, with one of the pieces of advice being mattress reviews at We’re also here to guide you through the mayhem that is purchasing a new mattress, breaking down the different choices and advising over why you should pick each type.

Sizes Galore
There is a massive array of sizes to choose from when purchasing a mattress. It may well depend on who you’re buying for, with children more likely to be getting a smaller single bed, with adults opting for one of the other sizes. There’s single, full, queen and king that are offered as a standard, but also California king, which is slightly slimmer than a standard king, but much longer. If you’re sleeping alone, you may want to sacrifice price for size and opt for a double or queen bed, which will no doubt be cheaper, albeit smaller.

Where the Bed is Going
A similar thought process to exactly who is having the bed, but where is it going? The room size is probably more important in your choice than the bed size, because the room is determining what large you can go with the mattress and bed frame. You don’t want to be at a point where you’ve got no space either side of the bed because your room is too thin either side. It’s also important to think about where things are placed in the room - heaters, windows and fixtures all need to come into your thought process.

What Are You Shopping For?
Do you want just a mattress, or are you looking for the whole bed frame? There’s a lot of choice between wood, metal, and a box base with storage room in. For children, extra storage is always needed to moving for the box base is a good idea and means you can declutter at the same time. Frames come in different styles, and some suit rooms differently. Some can be very feminine while others are fairly basic. Make sure you’re discussing with a partner if you have one, because it’s their space too.

Which Type of Mattress Do You Want?
Ultimately, it does boil down to what you find comfortable with your mattress and how to best get a great night’s sleep on a regular basis. The prices of beds aren’t cheap, to get a good one especially, so it’s best to see this as an investment as opposed to one big outlay. You may have your mattress for a decade, so spending a few thousand on a mattress could be seen as a shrewd move if it helps you sleep better for the long-term. Below we’ve broken down what each mattress style is like.

Memory Foam
This is becoming increasingly more popular year on year, as the effects of a comfy sleep become more important. Made from a foam that moulds around your body as you sleep, enveloping you in the material and providing great comfort as you sleep. There is also a heat-sensitive memory foam that moulds more the warmer your body becomes, transferring heat to the material. Lasting between 10 and 15 years, a memory foam style mattress is a great investment and provides comfort more than support. Also, coming in at more reasonably priced retailers as the technology becomes more popular.

Innerspring Mattresses
This type of mattress is what you would call a classic. A material bed with coil springs in the centre to support your body and provide stability. You can get many different amounts of coils in each bed, with the more coils providing more support and the with fewer coils, each one tends to be thicker.

Covered in a material upholstery with slim sponge parts as a comforter, these older style mattresses are probably the most popular type and come at the cheapest price. This is where you will find most choice in stores.

Water Bed
This is exactly how it sounds - a rubber mattress with water inside to act as the comfort instead of foam or coils. There’s a really huge benefit to having a waterbed, and that’s the fact that they’re much cleaner than all other styles of bed. Because the bed is rubber, it cannot collect dirt or bugs and dead skin, and means you’re not breathing anything in. These beds are great for people with irritations. Although no longer massively popular, they’re used for therapeutic reasons and for people with long term joint problems because of the improved support they offer.

Gel Mattress
A gel mattress is not dissimilar to a foam mattress, in that it molds around your body providing comfort for the sleeper. The difference with gel, however, is that it doesn’t retain heat, and is therefore a great alternative to people who suffer from light sleeping in hotter conditions. There really isn’t too much difference between this and a memory foam product, as both are concentrating on the comfort market, as opposed to other mattresses that are more beneficial for health reasons. Considering their relative popularity, gel mattresses are reasonably priced throughout the market.

If you’re looking for a mattress for health reasons or to alleviate pressure on joints, gel and memory foam isn’t the best option. In terms of comfort, however, it’s worth trying out these as they delivery and are super popular. Make sure you not only look at your new bed, but try it out in store. Try and lay on a tester bed and make sure you’re going to be comfortable and satisfied with your choice. It’s an investment, and like any other investment, you need to make the correct decision.