Communication has 2 components - hearing and Listening. Most people just hear you as you never actually listened to them their issue in the first place and just simply tell them your view and perception based on your past experiences, belief system, values and culture.
Most people carry baggage of cultural value belief system so for someone having a beef is perfectly normal where as for other it is prohibited.

The communication must employ effective listening techniques which has 4 steps. You need to listen to the issue calmly without interfering, then asking questions about their views and their stand. Never ever use your positional power as it gets thrown out. Charity begins at home so if you can hold effective communication with your spouse, children by negotiating your way of thinking where all parties win, you can solve any issue in social professional arena. We never know everything but we can use our knowledge and experience to drive decision for others. But they need to make the decisions, not you and must understand its value benefits, take actions responsibility.

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