To determine the most liveable city in any country, there are a number of factors which need to be assessed. Some of these factors include the availability of basic resources, infrastructure of the city, environment and job opportunities.

Based on what Islamabad has to offer, here are 15 reasons which make it the most liveable city in Pakistan.

15) It is great for family outings
14) No rickshaws, less noise pollution

13) Islamabad is filled with greenery

12) It has proper sports facilities 

11) Islamabad will soon have the best airport in Pakistan

10) The city hosts numerous international and local events

9) It has the best mosque of the country

8) Islamabad has great roads and infrastructure

7) Islamabad’s law & order is much better than rest of the cities

6) It has various hiking and picnic spots

5) Islamabad has some of the best health facilities in Pakistan 
4) It offers great job opportunities as many of the multinational companies have their head offices in the city

3) It is one of the most cleanest cities in Pakistan 
2) Islamabad is a scenic city

1) It is a well-planned city

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