Junaid Tahir was chosen amongst the web influencers to provide book review on Self Development / Self Help subjects.

"What's the best book you've read on self development and how is it different from the rest?"

Below review was given by Junaid

Book Name: First Things First
Authors: Stephen R. Covey & A Roger Merrill & Rebecca Merrill.
ISBN: 0-671-71283-7.
Why this book: The Authors believe that Principle-Centered approach is the essence of living a happy and prosperous life. Once you learn the art of prioritizing your tasks based on values based principles, you develop an inner-guide who provides you a sense of direction in everything you do and eventually everything seems to work together to make things happen. To develop this, you need to focus on self-awareness, conscience cleaning, independent, creative imagination and positive thinking. It’s a highly recommended book for Time Management and Life Management.
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