5 Exciting Social Media And Marketing Trends To Know In 2018
It would have great if we could accurately predict the gains possible by making effective use of social media for our products and services. However, this may not be possible as accurately as we would like it to be. However, we are fortunate because we have the best of social media and marketing trends emerging and if we are able to identify a few of them it could make all the difference. We will look at five such social media and marketing trends that might dominate the scene in 2018.

1.     Need To Optimize Outreach
If you are keen on optimizing outreach of information then you must learn to differentiate between own land and rented land in marketing. When you post information on Facebook you are basically using a rented platform. However, on the other hand if you are blogging on your own website then you are using your own land. Hence, you must know how to draw the right balance between rented and owned platforms and make judicious and intelligent use of both. Having multiple mediums of internet marketing is no longer a choice but a necessity to say the least.

2.     The Need For One To One Marketing Communications
 In today’s digital marketing one of the biggest problems is that messages and communications tend to get lost. Hence there is a need to plan the right message to the right person and that too at the right time. This leads to the importance of coming out with effective one-to-one marketing efforts. However, the message has to be done carefully without being intrusive or sneaky. While increasing the effectiveness, a well thought out one to one communication can also help reduce the cost of overall internet and digital marketing by quite a few notches.

3.     The Power Of Marketing Bots
The growth of marketing bots has been impressive but not many have the right understanding of bots. Put in simple words, bot is nothing but software application which has been designed to run automated tasks over the internet. They are known to effectively perform tasks which are repetitive and simple in nature. Hence, if you are keen on spreading the message across and make it reach as many prospective customers and readers as possible, the role of bots certainly will continue to gain importance in 2018 and even in the years thereafter. However, it has to be customized and fine tuned to offer the desired results.

4.     Making Use OF Customer Network Opportunities
Untapped channels and networks are quite important and they need to be looked at in right earnest and with the seriousness which it deserves. It is about identifying the right places and avenues where prospective customers hang out and spend their time on.  There are many such small and indiscreet and not-so-well-known networks which you must try and identify. A few names which come to the mind are quora and meet.com.

      5.    Setting Higher Standards For Content
Quality content is much important and rates higher above quality. Hence this is something which will continue to be as important as it has been for such a long period of time. quality content is an ongoing project and there are no commas and full stops. You have to always endeavor for new benchmarks.

Author Bio : David is a Marketer first and Geek second. He cut his teeth on direct response marketing way back in the early 2000′s. Since then he’s become, more or less “the secret weapon” the biggest marketers in Australia sneak through the back door to create Websites That Sell, set up Multi Million Dollars Launches and Create Profitable Online Marketing Systems.

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