How to Reduce Business Costs

By Junaid Tahir:
Business costs are sub-classified into two categories; Fixed Costs and Variable Costs.
Fixed costs are defined as the expenses which do not change as a function of business such as salaries of employees, rents of the office, facilities and equipment costs. However, please don't get confused that Fixed Costs cannot be changed. Indeed they can be changed but their prime definition remains the same that these costs are stable for longer duration of time and do not usually get impacted due to on-going business volume. On the contrary, the Variable Costs are the ones which keep changing due to multiple factors.
Below is the list of several domains and recommendations (minor tweak for SMEs and major ones for large scale companies) in the form of questions in order to give you a personalized experience and to invoke the thought process for the business cost reduction:

1-  Marketing, Advertising and Business Development:
i-             How much budget was utilized for marketing  in last 6 months? How much the marketing has been effective? Is there any need to re-evaluate the marketing strategy?
ii-            How much investment is done on customer's entertainment?
iii-          Do you do a monthly expense analysis audit? Do you know specific techniques to optimize your marketing budget such as AdSense, affiliate marketing etc?
iv-           Do you consider B2B marketing, email marketing, banner advertisement, pay per click, video marketing or SEO optimization?  

2-  Leasing and Rental Management:
i-             Does the company's office and warehouse at different locations? Why not having both at same location to reduce renting and transportation costs?
ii-            Any recent audit done to determine if the current rented space for office or warehouse is worth its expenses? Is the size and cost in sync with the requirements of business? Can this be moved to a less costly area?
iii-          Is there any tools, machinery or other resources which can be leased to earn some extra cash? Any marketing plans to do this?

3-  Staff Management and Optimization
i-             Are there any underutilized employees? Can some extra tasks given to these employees to make them more productive or 'earning' resources?
ii-            Can some of the permanent staff be converted to contract based? This will save extra benefit and reduce your long term liabilities.
iii-          Can some of the tasks/ resources be outsourced? (HR services, Visa, documentation, maintenance etc.)
iv-           Did any re-evaluation of resource responsibilities happened in last one years? Are there any employees with duplicate roles?
v-            Company sponsored mobile phone packages are fairly used? The packages are carefully selected based on the role of each employee? Any audit happened for the utilization of mobile and other resources given to employees?
vi-           Are the employees trained enough to perform their duties so that they make less errors and mistakes?
vii-         Right policies are in place so as to reduce the reworks? What is the accountability mechanism?
viii-        Mature and error free databases are in place for efficient and accurate reports generation and to avoid errors in data entry?
ix-          Is there any scheme available through which employees are given suggestions for the improvement of organizations and get rewarded if their suggestions are implemented?
x-           Any specialised use of tracking employee online activities such as Manic Time?
xi-          Employee lay off should be last thing to do as it impacts your organization in many ways such as loss of sincerity, productivity and efficiency of the rest of the employees.

4-  Vehicle Utilization and Fuel Management:
i)             How vehicles are utilized in a day to day work? How much company is flexible for the utilization for personal use?
ii)            How vehicles are maintained?  Is this task given to any agency to avoid corruption and in order to enjoy free benefits  such as car replacements ,free wash, oil, and tuning services?
iii)          How vehicles are tracked for the daily utilization (how many kilo meters travelled, how could multiple visits or same kind of visits be reduced?
iv)           Pick and drop of employee is happening on bulk basis or at individual level?
v)            Restriction of some of the travel (local and abroad) possible?

5-  Energy Conservation
i)             Motion detection Sensors installed for turning lights off during off hours?
ii)            Sleep mode enabled on laptop computers?
iii)          Older bulbs/fans/computers are still being utilized which are poor when it comes to energy efficient devices selection?

6-  Hard Resources Utilization and Audit
i-             How many printers & Scanners are in place? Can we reduce some of them?
ii-            How many pages are printed per day? Any mechanism to control it?
iii-          Is there any over utilization of pantry products? Employees are encouraged to use non-recyclable things?
iv-           Which of the policies and processes can be converted to paperless by avoiding photocopying/ printing/ reproducing ? Can you run a paperless company altogether?
v-            Is there any strong mechanism of inventory management? Any products lost because of poor control on hardware resources ?

With these recommendations, I believe any company can optimize their business costs consequently improve their profit margins.
How to you optimize the costs in your organization?

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The sumptuousness of the burger will forever remain timeless, even as evolution gives birth to new cuisines in the food industry. This traditional delicacy will always have a place in our tummies. Not only is it mouthwatering, but also reinvigorating.
If you want to order burgers in Melbourne, there are certain spots that you should prioritize. This is because, over the years, their impressive quality has earned the reputation. These are:
1.      Royal Stacks
This outlet borrows heavily from the US-based burger chain, Shake Shack. The beef used in the cooking of the burgers is strictly from grass-fed and organically bred cows. Furthermore, the meat products are entirely local.
The flagship burger, christened The King, is something to behold. The delectable cheese seasoning coupled up with American mustard will leave consumers licking their fingers and craving for more.
2.      1090 Burger
The name is a portmanteau of 10 and 90, representing the percentages of fat and meat components respectively. The joint uses a unique nine-ingredient recipe that gives the burger a distinctively rich taste. The best of the lot in this hotel is the Thunder burger, which incorporates cheese, ketchup and vinegar in different portions, leaving an unforgettable experience in the consumer’s mouth.
3.      Butcher’s Diner
This is among the few 24-hour burger outlets in Melbourne. Here, burgers are made with superb expertise, featuring iceberg lettuces, freshly-cut onions and tomato sauce. As opposed to conventional restaurants, this outlet frequently changes its menu, ensuring that clients never get bored of a certain taste.
4.      Hats and Tatts
Located in southern parts of the city, this eatery has gained considerable traction in recent years. This is partly because the customer can spice up their chosen meal with flavours of their choice. Also, the all-natural approach has contributed to the increasing popularity of this bistro.  Fancy cheese and other artificial seasonings are simply a no-go in this place.
5.      Changz Canteen
After the unprecedented success of the Changz Hot Sauce, its creators decided to venture into the burger business. The prosperity continued, with the joint showcasing that its prowess in the food industry is not limited to manufacturing spices. The meals here are faithful to their own, replacing tomatoes and lettuces with their homegrown sauce.
6.      Andrew’s Burgers
 Eating food from this cafĂ© is like taking a trip down the memory. This joint adopts a traditional theme in its cooking, where canned pineapples and beetroot, as well as chopped onions, provide seasoning. If you want to relive the past, this is definitely the go-to place.
7.       Meet Patty
While still relatively new to the game, Meet patty has taken the burger industry in Melbourne by storm. The eatery started out as a breakfast joint but has since grown into a household name. The buns are seasoned with sesame seeds, giving them a sweet taste. The burgers are adorned with a myriad of condiments, negating the necessity of the user adding more spices.

When it comes to eateries, the city of Melbourne has an abundant supply of world-class outlets. Visitors and locals are assured of finding a suitable spot offering lip-smacking meals.
Picture Credit: Pixabay

The Variety of Sushi You Can Choose From

The Variety of Sushi You Can Choose From

Sushi delivery can be the best if you have guests to entertain. If you want to impress them, you should consider looking at so that you may find the right option for you. Experimenting on this can be the best. There are options that you can select from if you are not yet sure.

Different Choices For Sushi

If you are already done with the sushi that you grew up eating, these are some of the variations you should add to your favorites:

·         Makizushi – this is considered to be the cylindrical piece which is usually formed by a bamboo mat. This is usually wrapped with a nori. But then, there are instances when it is wrapped with soy paper, cucumber, omelet, and parsley. Typically, this is cut to six, to eight pieces. This is what a single order is consist of.
·         Nigirizushi – this is created with an oblong mound pressed using the palms. It is also sprinkled with wasabi as toppings. The toppings may vary. They can be in salmon fish, tuna fish, or even other seafood out there. There are instances when a thin strip of nori is utilized to bond the toppings and the rice.
·         Uramaki – this can be a special kind. It is far from the other kinds of maki one is used to because the rice is found outside, while the nori is placed inside. Usually, the filling is found in the center, and it is surrounded by a layer of rice, and nori too. The outer coating includes toasted sesame seeds. There are varieties of this. Normally, they are with meat, avocado, tuna, carrot, carb, mayonnaise, and cucumber.
·         Chirashizushi – this is sometimes termed as barazushi. Normally, the rice mixed is open for other kinds of ingredients. This is a typically Sushi variety known to many. The best thing about this type is that it is simple, and fast to prepare. What is even good is that this is nutritious despite that all requirements coming from many countries all over the world are mixed together.
·         Inari-Zushi – if you are up for Sushi Delivery, this can be the most ideal, and fitted type for you. The pouch is always from fried tofu which goes with sushi rice. The name of this is obtained from Shinto god Inari. Its fashion is really meant to be the deep-fried tofu. This features a tenfold of kinds too. Among the options are dried ground shavings or fukusa-sushi. There are also pouches that have an omelet, and other sorts too. Please do not get these wrong. There are variants with inarimaki which is rolled. This goes with a flavored fried tofu.

All over the world, there is a high demand for Sushi Delivery. This has been the case over time. There are individuals out there who are into meals. This can be a smart way of being refreshed if one is hungry. Go to your favorite Japanese restaurant in order to know more about this! 
Picture credit: Pexel