Top 10 Home Security Myths: Busted!

We are happy to share below the reasons as to why the myths surrounding home security are all wrong and there is no truth attached to it. We do not know whether there is a lobby which is spreading such myths and falsehoods but the fact of the matter is that there is nothing wrong in any modern day electronic safety and security systems. This also applies to monitoring and surveillance equipments and gadgets. They are easy to operate, reliable long lasting and at the end of the day, they do offer excellent value for money provided you know how to use it properly. 


Guest Author: Benjamin Quinn is a content writer at Dyno Locks, the largest mobile emergency locksmith service throughout Ireland.

Story: The Box Full of Kisses

Some time ago, a man punished his young daughter for wasting a roll of gold wrapping paper. Money was tight and he became angry when the child tried to decorate a box to put under the Christmas tree.

Nevertheless, the girl brought the gift to her father on Christmas day and said, “This is for you, daddy.”

The man became embarrassed by his overreaction a few days before, but his rage continued when he saw that the box was empty. He yelled at her, “Don’t you know, when you give someone a gift, there’s supposed to be something inside?”

The little girl looked up at her dad with tears in her eyes and cried; “Oh, daddy, it’s not empty at all. I blew kisses into the box. They’re all for you, daddy.”

The father was devastated. He put his arms around his daughter, and begged for her forgiveness.

A little while later, the girl died in an accident. Her father kept the gold box by his bed for many years and, whenever he was feeling down, he would take out an imaginary kiss and remember the love of the child who had put it there.

Moral of the story: Love is the most precious gift in the world.

Challenges are Inevitable, Defeat is Optional

"Everyone faces challenges in life. It's a matter how you learn to overcome them and use to your advantage. Challenges are one of the best ways to spark innovation, test your mettle and change yourself. Being challenged in life is inevitable, being defeated is optional. Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all. Ups and downs in life are very important to keep us going because a straight line even in an ECG means we're not living. Life challenges are not supposed to paralyze us. They're suppose to help us to discover who we are. The biggest challenge of life is to be yourself in a world trying to make you like everyone else. Be thankful for each new challenge because it will build your strength and character. Life throws challenges but every challenge comes with rainbows and lights to conquer it. There is always a gift in every challenge. Embrace each challenge in life as an opportunity for self-transformation. The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it. Every challenge, every adversity, contains within it the seeds of opportunity and growth. Challenges soften our rough edges. Our trials are our greatest teachers, mentors and benefactors.

 Running away from any problem only increase the distance from the solution. Don't limit your challenges, challenge your limits. We are not defined by our challenges but lifted up by them. A challenge only becomes an obstacle when you bow to it. Sometimes overcoming a challenge is as simple as changing the way you think about it. Don't lose the positive power to make right choices that will convert tears into smiles. With God's grace what appeared as mountain before you will become a memory lane. The greater the challenge, the greater the grace of God. Hope is a happy spirit. God is in control of every circumstance. Never stop reminding yourself that God created you to be mentally and physically tougher than your struggles, challenges and obstacles. The more optimistic you can be, the more resilient you will be to whatever challenge life throws at you. God has a way of picking a 'nobody' and turning the world upside down on him/her in order to create a 'somebody' that will remove the obstacles he/she encountered out of the pathway for others."


Story: The Boulder On The Roadway

In ancient times, a king had his men place a boulder on a roadway. He then hid in the bushes, and watched to see if anyone would move the boulder out of the way. Some of the king’s wealthiest merchants and courtiers passed by and simply walked around it.

Many people blamed the King for not keeping the roads clear, but none of them did anything about getting the stone removed.

One day, a peasant came along carrying vegetables. Upon approaching the boulder, the peasant laid down his burden and tried to push the stone out of the way. After much pushing and straining, he finally managed.

After the peasant went back to pick up his vegetables, he noticed a purse lying in the road where the boulder had been. The purse contained many gold coins and note from the King explain that the gold was for the person who removed the boulder from the road.

Moral of the story: Every obstacle that we come across gives us an opportunity to improve our circumstances, and while the lazy complain, others are creating opportunities through their kind hearts, generosity, and willingness to get things done.

Andrew, Peter, Emily and Lara

Author: Junaid Tahir

Hey guys, allow me introduce my office colleagues to you:

Let’s meet Andrew:  His slogan is “See, I am Working !”

Next one is Peter: His slogan is “Follow the Instructions !”

Next colleague is Emily: Her slogan is “Let’s do it differently !”

Last one is Lara: Her slogan is “Love conquers all !”

I will give more details about Andrew, Peter, Emily and Lara later. Let us learn something first !

From behavioral and work approach perspective you will observe 4 types of employees in your office:

1. Available Employees
2. Productive Employees
3. Efficient Employees
4. Loyal Employees

Available Employees are those who will make sure they come on time and leave on time. In between working hours, it doesn’t really matter for them if they are adding value to the organization or not. Their most favorite hobby is to wait for the evening to leave for home. For them salary meter is the only important thing to focus on. In order to kill time they spend time reading news portals, reading favorite political articles, Facebook posts review, checking Gmail taking several tea breaks, visiting other colleagues all day long. They always give the impression of "look busy do less"

Andrew belongs to “Available Employees” category hence the slogan "See, I am working !"

Productive Employees are the ones who will make sure that they attend to tasks and make things happen in the standard way company expects them to. They take occasional work breaks during office work but are not irresponsible. They are honest to their job and mostly comply with procedures and policies.

Peter is a Productive employee

Efficient Employees are the ones who challenge the
processes and always trying to find quicker methods for completing the assigned tasks. They are effective people and always lean in their approach. They are very practical people and prefer not to waste their energies in the non-value-add tasks. Their yield level is far higher than the Productive Employees.

Emily is an Efficient Employee.

Loyal Employees are the ones who have fallen in love with your organization. They may have all or some of the habits of Available, Productive and
Efficient breed of Employee families however the trait which sets them apart is their approach on what is best for business.

Lara is a “Loyal Employee”

So that was the introduction of my colleagues. Which one do you think is the best?
Well, one thing is sure that Available Employees are non-producers or less-producers. For the rest of people, there is no clear answer about which one is best, because, for most of the businesses we need versatile resources to carry out the assigned tasks. All successful entrepreneurs would prefer to have diverse resources because same mind sets are prone to similar mistakes at large whereas versatility ensures innovations, productivity and efficiency. 

Which category do you belong to? What about your colleagues? Can you do something to improve? Let me know your thoughts!
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What Is So Special About Bhutan?

Bhutan is a tiny little country which is landlocked and is situated in South Asia. It is located in the Eastern Himalayas. It has Tibet to its north and to the west it has Sikkim and India. The southern and eastern borders are also of India. The capital is Thimphu and Phuntsholing is considered to be its financial center. The independence of this country is worth mentioning because it has withstood centuries of company with two powerful neighbors, China and India. This certainly speaks volumes about the independent minded people of this country. It is also a major tourist attract because of its location and the scenic beauty which it offers. It also is country with lot of history and culture behind it and is a big center for Buddhist temples and other wonderful and age-old constructions. Hence it would be interesting to know more about this fantastic country and the kind of tourism opportunities and facilities that it offers.
It has Fantastic Things To Offer
It may not be possible to cover the entire length and breadth of Bhutan even after a month’s of travel. Hence it would be better to check out the various places of interest and the various things you can do when you are on a visit to this majestic and beautiful country. The list is long and therefore you need to plan and then decide as to which the best option is. It would be better to take professional help from service providers like
BookMyTour because they will be able to help out with the best of tourist options keeping in mind your time, your age, the weather conditions and most importantly the kind of budgets which you would like to spend. Hence, we are happy to share a few of the places that you would perhaps like to see when you are on the visit to this wonderful country.
Taktshang Goemba Or The Tiger’s Nest
If you are interested with the Buddhist religions and would like to know more about its past and history, it is imperative that you spend some decent time visiting Taktshang Goemba or the Tiger’s Nest. Situated in Paro, is the place which Guru Rinponcha visited during the 8th century. He is supposed to have visited this place to rid the place of evil spirits which caused lot of harm and disturbance to the people. Legend has it that the Guru visited Taktshang on a tiger’s back to get rid of the evil spirits after taming them. The monastery is fantastically located and it literally hangs on a cliff. The monastery overlooks a gorgeous forest of pine and rhododendrons. Spending some time on this monastery would most certainly be a memorable and unforgettable experience.
Phobjikha Valley
This is another superb and not-to be forgotten places of visit as far as Bhutan is concerned. It can be reached form Paro and should take around one and a half hour by road. You have to first move upwards to around 3300 meters above sea level and then descend down to the green plain. When you are on the top of the hill you can have a majestic vies of the Gangtey monastery. The entire area is breathtakingly beautiful and the flora and fauna which you will come across the way is also something which will remain etched in your memory for a long period of time. It is the place to be in, if you want to have the closest look at the famous black necked crane. The mountain ranges are simply stunning and therefore you must try and spend as much time as possible in this place.

The above are just two examples of the many wonderful places of tourist interest. However, if you are really keen on getting the best out of your visit to this wonderful country, you must take professional help from service providers like BookMyTour. They will take care of the travel, hotel booking, sightseeing, transfers from airport to hotel and other such needs and requirements. A visit to the website is certainly recommended. This will most certainly give you a good idea about the kind of package you should choose, the number of days you must spend, the kind of things you must carry with you and so on. 

Business Ideas Series - Introduction

Business Ideas Series is an initiative of to spread awareness about latest business ventures, cultivate the culture of micro business setup, empowering individuals for economic stability and enhancing the quality of life through financial freedom

The mission includes providing an easy-to-understand strategy for choosing, establishing and running a successful business. To start with, 60+ online/offline business ideas have been selected so that wide audience including students, employees, businessmen, housewives or existing entrepreneurs may get benefit out of it.  The vision is to create a massive workforce of micro entrepreneurs specially in East Asian countries where respective governments have failed to create employment opportunities in recent years.

The Business Ideas Series will provide insightful guidance for each of the business domains, such as:

- Business Know-How (Introduction)
- How to Start this Business
- Latest Trends
- What Skillset required
- Initial Investments requirements, if any
- Tips and Tricks
- Marketing and Sales Techniques
- Cost Control Techniques
- Success Stories for Inspiration
- Online Learning Sources
- Industry Standards and Compliances
- Facebook pages and WhatsApp Groups for socializing and connecting with like-minded people
- Warnings!

Following is the list of business ideas which DTM team will work on:1- Silent Investments / Passive Income
2- Online Retail Store Setup
3- Expert Blogging Service
4- Graphics Designing from Home
5- Professional Free Lancing
6- Android/Apple - Apps and games development
7- Digital marketing
8- Website/Blog Monetization
9- Agency for Online Services
10- Earning via Affiliate Marketing
11- Earning via Facebook
12- Writing eBooks
13- Buying Selling Domains
14- Creating WordPress themes
15- Publishing Paid /Promotional Articles / Campaigns for your website
16- Online teaching
17- Conduct Webinars
18- Online Bakery Setup
19- Import Export Business
20- Logo Designing
21- Business Cards Designing
22- Making community website and integrating businesses
23- Online Auctions Setup
24- YouTube channel and Monetization
25- Earning from Surveys
26- Business Consultant
27- Virtual Reality Designing
28- SEO Consultation Service
29- Resume Writing
30- Solving a Community Problem
31- Making a chat bot
32- Tester or Reviewer
33- Internet Security Consultant
34- Desktop publisher
35- Establishing Transport Business
36- Establishing Human Resource Business
37- Video Production / Whiteboard Videos
38- Gadgets Business
39- Content Writing
40- Smart Watches and GPS watches for kids
41- Google Translator Contributor
42- College students Assignment Support
43- AdWords marketing agent
44- Telemarketing Services
45- Setup blog for someone
46- Google Ad Specialist (Paid Service)
47- Landing Page Specialist
48- Fiverr Gigs
49- WordPress Website Consultant
50- Drive for Uber or Lyft
51- Rent Your Car on Turo
52- Freelance Proofreading and Editing.
53- Data Analysts / Big Data
54- Airbnb Host
55- Setting Up Laundry Business
56- Ghostwriter
57- Online Subcontracting.
58- Become a Community Tasker (Task Rabbit)
59- Buying and Selling Property
60- Private Labeling and Selling Products on Amazon.
61- Selling on TeeSpring
62- Buying and Selling Cars
63- Importing pre-owned (second hand cars from Japan/USA)
64- Building Chrome Extensions
65- Data Entry Service
66- Tourism Agency Setup
67- Trading of Metals (Gold, Silver etc.)
68- Composting
69- Establishing Farming Business – Connecting farmers with businesses

70- New Innovations - Sync-up with rest of the world

Apart from this,
dailytenminutes will sharpen your skills by providing Marketing and Campaign Tips, Cost Control Techniques, Crowd Funding, Payment Gateway Setup, YouTube videos, Books Reviews, Documentation Management System, Excel Dashboard Setup, Online Tools and General Business Insights. Not only this, DTM team intends to make Business Ideas App for readers’ convenience and online collaboration.

Having said that, DTM would love to have your feedback on what else would you expect from us? What business articles you want us to prioritize (from above list)? What other business ideas you want us to investigate for you?

About Author:
Junaid Tahir is a telecom engineer, program manager,  an analyst and author. His work has been published in several countries in magazines and websites.

What Exactly Are Delivery Driver Apps?

We use apps for almost everything and anything these days. As we read this article, it is quite possible that we could come across dozens of new apps that might be uploaded either on Play Store or some other place. These apps have well and truly become an integral part of our daily lives. They help us to make payments to customers, transfer funds to relatives and friends, book appointments with doctors and hospitals and also book our air, rail, cinema and other tickets. We also use these apps for buying of groceries, cosmetics and consumer durable and other such things which we use on a daily and periodical basis. We also order food online using these apps and this is where the role of delivery driver apps could come into play. Not only food items, these apps could be extremely useful for almost any other products and services that are bought and sold. Hence it would be interesting to know what exactly these apps are and how they could add value to customers, marketers and other stakeholders. This we are sure will help in more ways than one and they will be able to get the right perspective and idea about the same.

How Do They Work
Whenever we order a product or service, there are basically to entities. One is the buyer and the other is the seller. The buyer places the order online using an app or through other means. It could also be through the brick and mortar stores. Once this has been done the onus lies on both the buyers and sellers to keep a track of the product and ensure that it reaches the desired place within the time frame which has been agreed upon when the transaction was being commercially finalized. In such situations these delivery apps certainly come in very handy to say the least. It would therefore be interesting to know more about the benefits which accrue to the various stakeholders once they have downloaded the apps.
How Does The Consumer Benefit
The consumer benefits immensely when he or she downloads this app. He or she will be able to monitor the movement of the consignment in real time and also on a minute to minute basis. This will ensure avoiding of delays. If the consignment is stuck at some place for an inordinately long period of time, then the consumer can raise an alarm to the seller and find out what exactly is happening. This will certainly ensure that the consignment is tracked and delivered to the customer without too much of further delay. It also will go a long way in ensuring that there is no loss of consignment en-route because the movements are tracked on a continuous and live time basis.

How Does The Seller Benefit
The job of the seller does not end once the order has been executed and payment has been collected. It is his responsibility to see that the consignment of the customers reach the right place and address in good condition and within the stipulated time period. Hence they will be able to follow up on the delivery personnel and see that they are doing their job properly. If there is any emergency, the delivery personnel will be able to inform about the same to the sellers’ office so that necessary action can be taken and plan B could be put into practice.

It Improves Overall Efficiency
There is no denying the fact that when you use this form of apps you will be able to improve the overall efficiency of the entire supply and distribution chain. The job of the delivery personnel will also become more interesting and challenging. This perhaps could also lead to an increase in the number of
delivery app jobs as the sellers try to increase their geographical spread and cover more number of areas.
It Also Will Save Cost
The entire app will also be able to save cost on telephones, faxes and other such means of communication because all the stakeholders will be able to see the movement of the consignment on a real time basis. Hence when all the above factors are taken into account, there are reasons to believe that it is beneficial to one and all.

How To Compare Insurance Quotes?

Among the various types of policies that are available, comprehensive cover is ideally the most suitable one offering individuals the protection of total cover in the event of any eventuality. However if you to avail insurance only for the purpose of remaining compliant and protecting oneself from exposure to third party claims, then going in for a third party policy or third party theft and fire policy is also a suitable option. Different policies meet different requirements of individuals and it is a good idea to evaluate your requirements fully before opting for a policy.

Make It A Point To Compare Policies

The best option would be to always compare various policies and premium amount that appear before making a decision. The featured site offers updated information from different companies, helping users to
compare insurance quotes before selecting the most suitable one. A user will typically be expected to furnish details about himself or herself, the make and model of the car that has to be covered by insurance and information about any claims raised in the past. All of this information will help the actuary in the insurance company to get a better idea about your risk level and place you in the appropriate category.

Use A Combination Of Options To Reduce Premium

You can get your insurance premium amount reduced considerably by choosing any of many options. The first option is to pay annual premiums instead of making a premium amount payable monthly or quarterly. The second option is to look at the voluntary excess amount. The third option is to sign up for an advanced driving course and pass the test for a higher licence. Finally you can also look at investing a certain amount of money in devices that will safeguard your car on and off the road. A combination of these options will help to significantly reduced the premium amount that you will have to pay.
Enhance Overall Safety

Not only will these options help you to reduce the premium amount payable it will also greatly improve your driving skills and ensure safety on and off the road. A large number of owners may have spent considerable amount on processing and maintaining a car of the dreams. It then becomes necessary to ensure that the car is protected from any kind of untoward incidents in the future. Therefore it is important to choose the right policy to fully protect the car without actually having to spend too much towards premium amounts.
Trust The Reputation Of Site

The featured site is one among the more reputed sites for getting insurance quotes and for taking up a policy to fully protect your car. The comparison details are based on the inputs that you furnish and will give a very good idea of various policies that are available and the best options that you can choose. In combination with many other measures you can certainly bring down the premium amount payable without compromising on the extent of cover that you receive.

Story of Gangadas and His Daughter

He was pruning the plants, in the posh gardens of an International school, heat and dust didn't seem to affect him.

"Ganga Das, Principal Ma'am wants to see you -- right now"

The last two words of the peon had lots of emphasis on them, trying to make it sound like an urgency.

He quickly got up, washed and wiped his hands and headed towards the Principal's chamber. The walk from the garden to the office seemed never ending, his heart was almost jumping out of his chest. He was trying all the permutation and combination, figuring out as to what has gone wrong that she wants to see him urgently. He was a sincere worker and never shirkedfrom his duties.

knock knock...

"Madam, you called me?"

"Come inside..." an authoritative voice laced with crispness made him further nervous.

Salt n pepper hair, tied neatly in a french knot, a designer sari-sober and very classic, glasses resting on the bridge of her nose, she pointed out towards a paper kept on the table

"Read this"

"B..but Ma'am I am an illiterate person. I can not read English. Ma'am please forgive me if I have done anything wrong. Give me another chance.I am forever indebted to you for allowing my daughter to study in this school, free of cost. I could have never ever dreamt of such a life for my child"

And he broke down almost trembling:

"Hold on, you assume a lot. we allowed your daughter because she is very bright and you have been our sincere worker. Let me call a teacher in, she will read it out and translate it to you. This is written by your daughter and I want you to read this."

Soon enough the teacher was called and she started reading it, translating each line in Hindi.

"Today we are asked to write about Mother's Day"

"I belong to a village in Bihar, a tiny village where medical and education still seem like a far fetched dream. Many women die every now and the while giving birth. My mother was one of them too, she could not even hold me in her arms. My father was the first person to hold me.. or perhaps the only person"

"Everyone was sad.. as I was a girl and I had "eaten up" my own mother"
"My dad was instantly asked to remarry but he refused"
"My grandparents forced him by giving all logical, illogical and emotional reasons but he didn't budge"
"My grand parents wanted a grandson, they threatened him to remarry else he will be disowned"
"He didn't think twice. He left everything, his acres of land. A good living, comfortable house, cattle, and everything that counts for a good lifestyle in a village."
"He came to this huge city with absolutely nothing -- but me in his arms. Life was tough, he worked hard day and night.. raised me with tender love and utmost care"

"Now I understand why suddenly he developed a dislike for things that I would love to eat when there was only one piece left in the platter. He would say that he hates eating it and I would finish it considering that he does not like it.... but as I grew older I realized the reason and what sacrifice is all about. "He gave me the best possible comforts beyond his capacity"

"This school gave him a shelter, respect and the biggest gift-an admission to his daughter.
If love and care defines a mother... then my father fits in there.
If compassion defines a mother,my father fits in well in that category too.
If sacrifice defines a mother, my father dominates that category.
So in nut shell.. if a mother is made of love, care sacrifice and compassion..

"On Mother's Day, I would like to wish my father for being the best parent on earth... I salute him and say it with pride that the hardworking gardener working in this school is my father."

I know I may fail this test after my teacher reads this -- but this would be a very small price one would pay towards an ode to the selfless love of my father."

There was a deafening silence in the room... one could only hear soft sobbing of Ganga Das....
The harsh sun could not wet his clothes with sweat but soft words of his daughter had soaked his chest with tears.... he was standing there with hands folded..

He took the paper from teacher's hands... held it close to his heart and sobbed.

Principal got up.. offered him a chair, glass of water and said something. But, strangely the crispness of her voice was taken over by a surprising warmth and sweetness.

"Ganga Das.. your daughter is given 10/10 marks for this essay. This is the best essay ever written about Mother's Day in the history of this school. We are having the Mother's Day gala event tomorrow and the entire School Management has decided to invite you as the Chief Guest for the event.

This is to honour all the love and sacrifice a man can do to raise his children... to show that you do not have to be a woman to be the perfect parent...

And most importantly this is to reinforce/appreciate/acknowledge the strong belief of your daughter in you, to make her feel proud, to make the entire school feel proud that we have the best parent on earth as stated by your daughter."

"You are a *True Gardner*, who is not only looking after the gardens, but also nurturing the most precious flower of your life in such a beautiful way...."

"So Ganga Das, will you be our Chief Guest for the event?"

Stop Complaining Start Achieving

Your complaining attitude takes you away from your success. In fact it won't be wrong if I co-relate this with Newton's law that complaining and achieving success are equal in magnitude but opposite in direction. This means that the more you complain about your circumstances the more you move away from your destination and vice versa. On top of that, if you keep complaining, you will give birth to two more mental diseases which are 'blaming' and 'criticizing'. When you don't like your circumstances you start finding faults in people around you and then you start blaming and criticizing them for your failures. Hence all three diseases, complaining, blaming and criticizing strengthen their roots in your brain and eventually this negative attitude becomes your personality trait.

  When you complain you waste your precious time. You build negative energy which piles up in your brain stealing your peace of mind leading to chronic psychological disorders hence it's a concrete physical, mental and emotional loss which is no way closer to any kind of benefit.


On the contrary, if you are a hard working soul, you believe in your skills instead of luck. You believe in the  power of Now. You believe in power of making things happen instead of waiting for things to happen. Your analytical skills give you the luxury to break down the bigger problem into smaller problems and then you start fixing each problem one by one, moving near to your ultimate goal slowly and steadily.  So now is the time to decide whether you would like to live as a loser by complaining, blaming and criticizing OR live like a successful chap, the one who doesn't waste the time by looking in the past, the one who does not have a negative thought process, the one who is visionary and the one who once make a commitment then focuses on it all the way till the task is accomplished.


Complaining causes draining of energies and you are in position to lose your powers in this world of competition.

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About Author: Junaid Tahir, a telecom engineer and a passionate blogger, writes articles on wisdom, happiness, stress management and life enhancement subjects. His articles can be read Here

Story: I lost Rs. 50 Somewhere On The Road

On my way I found a piece of paper tied to an electric pole, with a small note on it.

I was curious to know what was written, hence went closer and read it. "I lost Rs. 50 somewhere on the road. If any of you find it, please give it to me at this address. My vision isn't great so please help."

I was urged to follow that address and found an old hut in shatters with an older woman sitting outside. She was frail and asked who is it, following my footsteps.

I said I came by this way, found Rs. 50 on the road so wanted to handover to you.

She began crying on hearing this. She said "my dear I have had atleast 30-40 people come over and give me Rs. 50 saying they found it on the road. I didn't write that note; I cannot even see properly nor do i know to read and write"

I said it's OK amma you keep it. She asked me to tear that note off on my way back.

I walked back with a million thoughts as to who could have written that note? She would have asked everyone to tear that note but none did. I mentally thanked that person and realised that we just have to feel the need to help, there are so many ways to do it. He/she just wanted to help this old woman who lives alone....

Someone stopped me and asked, "Bro, can you help me with this address? I found a 50 rupee note, want to handover"

Best Reason To Switch Energy And Save On Annual Bills

You may not be aware that your annual electricity and gas bills are more than what you should be paying. This does not mean that your service provider is taking you for a ride, it means that you have not chosen the rate tariff plans and service provider for your locality. Source produce are transparent in publishing the tariffs, but this week's to be interpreted in the context of various parameters include in the locality where you stay and be usage patterns. This is where the featured site helps individuals to identify the most suitable services and migrate to one that does not result in heavy electricity and gas fills. 

The Workings Of The Comparison System 

The incentive to switch energy and save on annual bills may be high, but it was just sat sometime another of how the system works. It is quite simple and effective. The features site populate the list of all the service providers segregating them by areas localities and displaying the list with various tariff plans. All that a user has to do is to enter in the pincode office locality to see a list of available service providers and the different plants that are on offer. Before blindly choosing a particular service, the user is expected to share details of the existing service provider and the present tariff plans. With this information the featured site assists users to identify a plan that is more suitable.
The Need For Factoring In All Parameters

There are many parameters that need to be factored in when you choose a service provider. You need to look at your preferences of handling one or two service providers for your separate gas and electricity name. Depending on your comfort level you need to choose the option. For instance a service provider may have attractive tariff plans for electricity in your locality, but the same service provider may not have very attractive plans for gas in your locality. If you are comfortable in opting for different service providers, then you need to choose accordingly. Where is on the other hand if you are interested on the need for having a single service provider supply both electricity and gas you need to choose accordingly.

Letting The Professionals Handle The Transition Smoothly 

Some of the problems that are encoded by individuals in the transition from one server to another is the formalities that need to be taken up with the existing provider. There are documents to be submitted bills to be settled and request to be made. You may not exactly have the time to do this yourself, considering the busy routine and commitments that you have. The features that helps individuals meet the obligate is requirements by handling all the formalities with the existing service provider and taking up the new connection modalities with the new service.

When you avail the services of the featured site, you can be sure that you are receiving the services from a professional team that is accredited and certified by the regulator. This will ensure that you do not fall into any kind of complications at any point.

The Power of 3


Numbers are everywhere, but did you know that the number three can be used to boost your written and verbal presentations?

“How so?” I hear your ask.

Well, it all comes down to how we perceive information.

For instance…

If you wanted to persuade me to buy a state-of-the-art watch you were selling, one reason is unlikely to win me over. Add a second reason, and I may be closer to being persuaded - but I’ll probably just end up comparing the two reasons. However, add a third reason… and you may have hit pay dirt!

This method is known as ‘The Rule of 3’, and is a proven way of delivering clear and memorable messages, while still offering comprehensive information to the recipient(s).

Many famous phrases use the ‘The Rule of 3’:
Blood, sweat and tears (Sir Winston Churchill)
I came, I saw, I conquered (Julius Caesar)
Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness (the American Declaration of Independence)

Clearly, there is real magic in using ‘The Rule of 3’ to communicate key messages to your audience.

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs said to attendees of MacWorld 2007, that he’d be talking about three groundbreaking products, namely:
A wide-screen iPod with touch controls
A revolutionary mobile phone
A breakthrough Internet communications device

After talking at length about each of the three products - and to wild applause from the audience - he wrapped up his presentation by saying:

“Are you getting it? These are not three separate devices, they are one device and we are calling it iPhone!”

It’s obvious Steve Jobs understood the power of three. And if you want to be a successful and effective communicator - you should also understand and use this technique.

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Ever Wonder Why We Count to Three?

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10 Tips for Writing a Professional Resume

By Jennifer Anthony, Résumé Expert

1. Start with an attractive layout. Use bold and italics to highlight key points. I do not recommend downloadable templates because they are very generic and dull. Get creative but not crazy. You can use a little touch of color if you are modest.

2. Justify the text instead of using left align. Most people are accustomed to reading justified text. This will make your résumé easy to follow.

3. Choose a common font. Times New Roman, Arial, and Verdana are some of the best fonts for a résumé. Now is not the time to experiment. Most computers do not have 600 different fonts installed so the file will not read correctly if you use your decorative fonts. Do not use cutesy graphics such as candy canes or teddy bears if you want to be taken seriously. (Yes, I have really received a résumé with teddy bears and candy canes on it.) It is NOT appropriate for business correspondence, and I guarantee your résumé will be canned if you do this.

4. Do not use the word "I" in your résumé. Start each sentence with a powerful verb. For example: • Organized annual student symposium by securing speakers and working closely with marketing department executives. • Implemented production bonus incentives and "best practices" matrix for all divisions, raising overall productivity by as much as 40 percent.

5. Write a proper cover letter for each position to which you apply. Do not ever send out a résumé without a cover letter. This is basic business etiquette. Personalize each cover letter directly to the position you are applying to. A generic cover letter will not work to your benefit. If possible, address the letter directly to a person. If you do not know the hiring manager's name, use "Hiring Manager."

6. Print your résumé and read it word-for-word. You can use the grammar and spell check function, but don't rely on it.

7. When you have a degree, list only the year that you obtained your degree. When you list your dates of attendance, many résumé scanning systems will not recognize that you obtained a degree, only that you attended college for a period.

8. Deactivate all e-mail links and Web addresses in your résumé and cover letter. To do this in Microsoft Word, highlight the link with your mouse, go to the "Insert" drop-down menu, scroll down to and click "Hyperlink", and on the lower left-hand side of this screen there should be a little button that says "Remove link." When you find it, give it a little click and voila! Alternatively, you can highlight the link with your mouse, right click on it, and scroll down to "remove link" to deactivate the link.

9. Be consistent! For example, don't list one date as 1/2005 and then list another date as 9/22/2005. List software consistently, too. MS Word and Microsoft Excel are both correct, but not consistent when used together.

10. Adhere to punctuation and capitalization rules. Use a reference manual if you do not understand standard punctuation and capitalization rules.

Jennifer Anthony is the Director of ResumeASAP, offering professional and affordable résumé writing services. If you have comments about this article, or if you are interested in learning more about professional résumé writing, please contact Jennifer Anthony by e-mail at e-mail

Doctors or Greedy Businessmen? Beware

Recently a news has been published in an Indian newspaper according to which some renowned doctors have resigned from their posts in New Delhi. The reason being, their CEO or CFO have been pushing them to increase hospital earnings through following approaches:
  1. Converting the minor injuries cases to Operational Procedure. That means when a patient undergoes a surgical procedure, the hospital earns huge money in comparison to what the patient pays for the normal consultancy fees.
  2. Extending the duration of  in-patients' stay in hospital so that earnings of hospital can be increased because of medical and general facilities provided to the patients for the extended time.
  3. Instead of suggesting healthy life-style (diet change and exercise) to avoid becoming sugar patients, start the diabetes medicines for the people who are on the verge of developing diabetes . (There is a test through which one can find out if he has the chances of becoming diabetes patient).
  4. Giving costly medicines (such as antibiotics/BP control/anti-acids etc.) even if the customer may only need anti-allergy or basic off-the-shelf medicine.
  5. Creating emotional situation to convert normal pregnancy cases to procedural deliveries.
  6. Prescribing costly branded medicines (as doctors and hospitals get percentage based commission for each medicine sold). 
Commentary: Medical profession has turned into huge money-making business. The patients are treated as money-making machines.  Huge amount of revenue is generated with above mentioned tricks / approaches.
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While respective authorities take notice of it, here are some recommendations for you to consider as patients:
  1. Before you visit your doctor, do a little online research about your symptoms. (You may have an instant issue which could heal itself in a week time automatically). Yes, your body is capable of fighting a lot of diseases naturally.
  2. Ask the doctor a lot of questions about your symptoms giving him the message that you have the proper back-ground knowledge, so he won't be able to deceive you.
  3. Ask the doctor if you can bypass the medicines or use minimal dosage of medicines to recover.
  4. If the doctor prescribes you a lot of medical tests, ask him the reasoning for each test on how important this test is?
  5. If the doctor concludes that you have a specific disease such as high BP, Diabetes, heart issue or any other chronic disease, then do consider taking second opinion to be sure about it, because visiting a second doctor gives you a lot of exposure about your health concern and enables you to have better decision on what needs to be done for recovery. 
With the hope that respective ministries and authorities are setting strong mechanisms to eradicate and minimize this issue, you need to know that your health as well as your money are very precious, hence do not let anyone play with or steal your valuable possessions at any cost. 
Wishing you the best of health, a happy and healthy body, mind and soul !

How to Reduce Large Excel File Size - 6 Easy Steps With Pictures

By Junaid.Tahir
Someone sent me an 8Mbps Microsoft Excel file asking me to find out why the file size has become so large. Usually the file size gets large due to cell formatting or placing large size picture. This particular excel file had 49 worksheets so checking the formatting of all sheets one by one (to find out largest size worksheet) is not a practical approach. 

Below is how you can find the largest size sheet and fix its formatting so that overall excel file size can be reduced:

1- Save the file in a separate folder and rename it .zip (right click and rename).

(file name was IPC-10.xls, after renaming it as zip file, the file name becomes

2- Open the zip file (double click) and you will see all the sheets and their size as shown in below snapshot. Sort them based on size (highlighted in yellow)

3- You can see that sheet51.xml is the problematic sheet having massive size.(Above picture)

4- Now open your original excel file and click on "Developer" tab, then click on "Visual Basic"

5- A new window will open (below picture). 
Here you will see sheet51 name is (SG Top(W))

​6- In your excel file, delete this sheet and "Save As" the file again. Check the size (it has reduced). Now create your sheet 'SG Top(W)' again, this time, without formatting. 
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Inspirational Story: Water In The Desert

Once a man got lost in a desert. The water in his flask had run out two days ago, and he was on his last legs. He knew that if he didn't get some water soon, he would surely die. The man saw a small hut ahead of him. He thought it would be a mirage or maybe a hallucination, but having no other option, he moved toward it. As he got closer, he realized it was quite real. So he dragged his tired body to the door with the last of his strength.

The hut was not occupied and seemed like it had been abandoned for quite some time. The man entered into it, hoping against hope that he might find water inside.

His heart skipped a beat when he saw what was in the hut - a water hand pump...... It had a pipe going down through the floor, perhaps tapping a source of water deep under-ground.

He began working the hand pump, but no water came out. He kept at it and still nothing happened. Finally he gave up from exhaustion and frustration. He threw up his hands in despair. It looked as if he was going to die after all.

Then the man noticed a bottle in one corner of the hut. It was filled with water and corked up to prevent evaporation.

He uncorked the bottle and was about to gulp down the sweet life-giving water, when he noticed a piece of paper attached to it. Handwriting on the paper read : "Use this water to start the pump. Don't forget to fill the bottle when you're done."

He had a dilemma. He could follow the instruction and pour the water into the pump, or he could ignore it and just drink the water.

What to do? If he let the water go into the pump, what assurance did he have that it would work? What if the pump malfunctioned? What if the pipe had a leak? What if the underground reservoir had long dried up?

But then... maybe the instruction was correct. Should he risk it? If it turned out to be false, he would be throwing away the last water he would ever see.

Hands trembling, he poured the water into the pump. Then he closed his eyes, said a prayer, and started working the pump.

He heard a gurgling sound, and then water came gushing out, more than he could possibly use. He luxuriated in the cool and refreshing stream. He was going to live!

After drinking his fill and feeling much better, he looked around the hut. He found a pencil and a map of the region. The map showed that he was still far away from civilization, but at least now he knew where he was and which direction to go.

He filled his flask for the journey ahead. He also filled the bottle and put the cork back in. Before leaving the hut, he added his own writing below the instruction: "Believe me, it works!"

This story is all about life. It teaches us that We must GIVE before We can RECEIVE Abundantly. More importantly, it also teaches that FAITH plays an important role in GIVING. The man did not know if his action would be rewarded, but he proceeded regardless. Without knowing what to expect, he made a Leap of Faith. Water in this story represents the Good things in Life. Give life some Water to Work with, and it will RETURN far more than you put in........!!!

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