Progress means the increase in happiness as a symbiotic being in the Biosphere. It is ultimately in the quality of automatic understanding as the main feature of living. It is a characteristic, where the winds, breezes, the flora and fauna automatically create emotional understanding. Breathing ultimately must mean the internal hormonal embedment of happiness. The troposphere is actually communication waves that tie emotionally one’s internal hormonal communication with, mother earth making one part of our planet.

Imagine our relationships, with our fellow human beings and also the remaining flora and fauna and the geography consisting of mountains, hills, valleys, plains, the rivers, lakes, winds, breezes, rains, mist, snow, dunes…

Can you prevent yourself from happily dancing and singing or at least tuning in lush nature, when arts gush out of you? The gushing art is your health. You do not need any antibiotics. The bacteria in you also help you in your subsumation in the lush nature.

Today in the name of development, we kill the local biospheres. We do not directly kill our fellow human beings but uproot them from their macro bodies. All other organisms get eliminated or just kept for use as economic resources only and not as vital parts of our emotional existence.

When you take the initiative, study the Biosphere of a place and do everything to enable nature to build the biosphere naturally, then you begin feeling real happiness. What you need is emotional intelligence and not techno-logic or the logic of the feelings-less machines.

Lush nature only can bring real happiness.

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