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Science and Emotions

Science is the declaration of independence of the Brain from emotions. All emotions are simply Bias for science and all of them shall be...

Science is the declaration of independence of the Brain from emotions. All emotions are simply Bias for science and all of them shall be shunned. To achieve that independence, science has been creating machines that do the work of organs, the ideal, the undeclared ideal being to devise a mechanical substitute for every organ. We are all getting mechanized by science.

Emotions are the crystallizations of breathing, smelling, sensing, perceiving, understanding, harmonizing, cooperating, coordinating, rapturing, enjoying, and living -- in symbiosis with nature. Once the human organism could distinguish among thousand different smells and sense and interact on the basis of that versatile smelling. For a mere binary of the Computer the machines could create such a big language. But when the base is one thousand smells, imagine the variety of interactions and emotional contours or waves, in the emotional intelligence and emotional interactions.

The emotions being the results of breathing, they depended or got created by the air. The troposphere essentially is a ocean of emotions. And science wants to banish emotions from observation. Breathing is the participation of a person in the subject matter of study as a ripple of symbiosis in the ever changing waves of the met morphing phenomena of nature. Science shuns participation in and with the subject matter. Science strives to separate the observer from the subject matter under study. The scientist must be a spectator only, a spectator who must observe as a machine without emotions. For the scientist the troposphere is a big disturbance. So he/she invented the Air Conditioning etc, where the air is dictated to blow as per the directions, --- the air incapable of emotions. The air in the AC room is not only controlled the hot air or heat is sent outside into the troposphere. The AC keeps the air inside conditioned and heats up and pollutes the air outside. Imagine the emotional havoc the AC is generating. After all, all emotions are based on breathing. The AC disconnects one from the general flow of emotions of the troposphere and creates heat or the extra movement of molecules outside creating the disturbance at the molecular and ultimately at the atomic level. The AC is creating a big emotional anarchy.

Emotions, the emanations of breathing are not based on the 3D affliction or drawback. The 3D is essentially blindness to the gigantic whole. The scientific or the non emotional outlook is the ultimate foolish outlook. It is ignorant of its own ultimate aim, to remove breathing from observation.