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Spiritually Sensing and Perceiving

Emotions are the manifestations of breathing, smelling and sensing. As long as one breathes, one lives in emotions. Emotions are not con...

Emotions are the manifestations of breathing, smelling and sensing. As long as one breathes, one lives in emotions. Emotions are not confined to a person within one. They are the ripples of the Troposphere, and every other organism, if its breathing is not poisoned due to Industrialization, smells the emotions, as a result of which its own emotions get triggered. The Troposphere blows emotions as winds. Every organism, under the scheme of creation is constituted with the spiritual powers. Emotional life flows as the troposphere. Emotions are the main communications, not the Shannon and Weaver mechanical signals. Those signals are pollutions of the air. The Latin word for air is spirit. Spiritual powers are powers one derives from the air by breathing.

Today every partner and component of emotional life, all organisms, lost their basic emotional requirement, the unpolluted air. One starts as a Zygote as a result of intense emotionalized, heavenly symbiosis, the orgasmic sex between the parents, as the result of the ultimate rapture. The Zygote remains as permanent land mark memory of that emotional bonding, the bond grows as the child in the womb, breathing, smelling, perceiving, hearing…through the mother, developing the emotionalized mother tongue, and ultimately emerges as the newly born bundle of love, beauty and enchantment. The new born of every organism, is the ultimate phenomenon of beauty and sublimation—the bliss. The newly of the new born starts as the beginning of spiritual powers, or the powers from the air.

And we put that bundle of beauty, the child into the stupid school, which grinds it in the Cartesian stupidity. We have today the ultimate stupidities—the AC classroom.

What does the AC do? It makes the air inside the classroom cool, while blowing the heat into the troposphere, damaging the emotional content of the troposphere. Heat means the movement of molecules. By AC the natural temperature or the movement of molecules as an extension of the troposphere gets arrested and the tiny tot is in fact maimed emotionally. That is the AC classroom of the stupid who now runs schools with AC classrooms. Emotional damage simply is damage to breathing.

As individuals we are helpless to tackle the gigantic lunacy—economics, that has infected the world, a very chronic infection. But make your tiny effort, plant trees, train the tiny tots in breathing and sensing and tell it that marks and grades are the ultimate stupidities. Make the child play and breathe happily.