Suppose Technology has so advanced, where Robots have taken over developments in every aspect and life simply has become merely the use of machines. Suppose Human Relations have become redundant and absolutely meaningless as everything and everyone becomes only an economic resource to be dialed or switched on and switched of, where even that switching on and off also is mechanized. Following the principle of ‘use or lose’, languages will vanish gradually and lives change into Engineering.

As it has been discovered that the human brain has specific areas for specific emotions which can be triggered by electrodes, it will not be far away when the brain of everyone could be remotely controlled by remote dialing like the cell phone now. Management of people too would change to electronic dialing, the advanced Shanon-Weaver takeover of every communication with every emotion totally eliminated.

As it is machines do not have emotions. When more and more machines are used, then, the less and less of emotions. As emotions are the results of breathing,smelling,sensing,feeling,perceiving,understanding,interacting,harmonizing,cooperating,coordinating,in lush nature…,all of them too will become redundant.

Today every new factory and workshop, every bit of urbanization results in the destruction of nature and to that extent destroys emotions. In big cities life is mechanical, limbs becoming mere cogs of machines that always hurry; no time to talk. It will not be long when there is no language to talk.

We do not even realize the atrocity in Economics, where cost curves, revenue curves, indifference curves, demand curves, supply curves etc,etc, have changed human relations into emotionally dead relations.

YM - yeddanapudim

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