Trading simply means the business of finding a buyer and corresponding seller of a product and being the middleman to the exchange. You will earn a profit for the difference in the price at which you buy and the price at which you sell. It is becoming a booming business online with an increasing number of people realizing the vast potential and low investment requirements inherent to the business. However, just as many people find success at a trading business as the number that don't, so you'd better be prepared to use your smarts and work hard. It is no gold paved highway to easy money, as some people like to think, so keep the following guidelines in mind while starting a new trading business.

Reliable source:
You will need to find a solid, dependable and affordably priced source for your product. Since you are working on maximizing the margin, you need to be sure you are not being overcharged by your supplier. Further, test your selected source out thoroughly before starting. Ask for references and talk to the supplier's other customers, especially irate ones. Make a relationship and use more than one supplier since it is not a good idea to be dependent totally on just one supplier, especially initially.

Reliable delivery: 

Next you will require a reliable delivery system, either through the supplier's channel or through your own. Ensure that the system is fairly fool proof. Test it - send yourself a sample of the product. Keep testing from time to time to be sure that the system still works well. Remember that your customers will blame you for any loss, damage or delay so your delivery channel has to be perfect.

Legal requirements:

Find out if there are any restrictions on your product of choice. Be sure that you understand the legal repercussions of trading the product and all surrounding paperwork. If there is documentation required, complete that before you begin and in case the documentation is on going, make sure you factor in the costs.

Accounting and taxation:

Research in detail all the accounting and tax requirements. Talk to people in the business, accountants, or look it up online. When you form your business plan, make sure you account for all expenses and costs in setting up and running your trading business.


Building up your trust factor is essential. Customers and potential customers will need proof of your credibility and it is essential to gain recognition as reliable trading business. This can be established through references or ratings. Make sure that you are perceived as being 100% reliable, since this is absolutely the first and crucial step towards gaining a customer base.


Create a network of customers and suppliers to ensure that you are always in the loop for new developments in customer requirements and product information. Maintain a constant interaction with these two groups through email/ mailing lists, newsletters, forums etc.

Starting a trading business is not rocket science, but requires effort and common sense, and there is always potential for large profits.

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