7 Things Your Parents Expect From You But Never Ask For!

Due to being busy in our everyday lives, we sometimes forget that the parents who have brought us up with so much love, also have some expectations from us.
Yes, although they never ask for anything, we all know how they feel when we don’t do something they want us to.
Well, it’s time that we think about all those things that our parents expect from us and if not all, let’s try to fulfill some of their wishes.
1.. Some quality time.
This is the most important thing that our parents need from us and it’s also the only thing that we are not giving them at all. What does it take for you to be with them just for few minutes every day or one day in a week? Trust me, it’s nothing for you but everything for them.
2. To have dinner with them.

Remember how the whole family used to have dinner together when you were a child? Well, it’s just your mom and dad these days because you have been too busy in your life to appear for dinner on time.
Make an effort to have at least one meal of the day with the people who genuinely care about you.

3. Go out with them.
While in childhood your parents were your true companions for a happy outing, you now enjoying going out with your friends more.
However, your parents are still hoping for you to make a plan with them one day.
4. A family trip.
What if they don’t say it, even they want to go on a trip with you and enjoy the time of their life with the person who is most valuable to them.
If you can plan so many trips with your friends every year, what will it take for you to plan one with your parents?
5. The truth.
Every time your parents ask you where you were and when will you come home, why don’t you just tell them the truth?
After all, you are a grown up and lying to your parents doesn’t really make sense unless you are committing a crime.
No, actually not even then. Just own up to your deeds.

6. Smile when you are at home.

I don’t know if your parents say that or not, but they hate when you are upset or angry. They want to see their child as the happiest person on this planet and when you are in a bad mood, it makes them feel worse than you.
7. Don’t forget them on your birthday.
I know birthday is all about partying, being with friends and enjoying every second. But remember, your parents wait for your birthday more than you and it’s more special for them than it is for you or any of your friends.
So if you have a list of plans for your birthday, make one with your family too after all they are your blood!

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