It’s bed time but your problem is still the same. You can’t fall asleep, right? You toss and turn lying on your bed for hours, trying to fall asleep but still couldn’t relax your racing mind? This is your problem and the problem of 60 million others. Yes it is true, statistics show 60 million Americans are insomniac.

There are many factors that can cause sleeplessness. Age is one of the major factors, people over the age of 65 years usually have a problem falling asleep. Women having their menopause are also more likely to have sleep disturbances. People suffering from depression and anxiety also face trouble falling asleep.

However, there are some controllable factors that can help you fall asleep in no time. Here are some tips that might help you to have a peaceful sleep, without much effort:

1. Design Your Room for a Comfortable Sleep

Your bedroom should offer an environment that welcomes you to relax and sleep, the moment you step in. It should be quiet and peaceful. For this reason try to keep the noise away from your room, by “noise” we mean keep your TV set and computer out of the room. If you can’t do that then switch it off at least half an hour before going to bed. Try to keep such activities away from your room that can keep you awake, otherwise it can confuse your mind and make it difficult to relax. Things you can do in your room are writing, reading and you can listen to relaxing music at a low volume. Also ensure that your room is clean, with neat bed sheets and drapes that can help darken the room.

2. Sleep in a Dark and Cool Room

When it is sleeping time do not forget to turn off all the lights. Your room should be dark, this will enable the mind to analyze that it’s time to relax and fall asleep.Another important factor that might cause difficulty for you to fall asleep is the temperature of your room. It is suggested to keep the temperature of your room cool. Studies reveal that rooms with high temperature can cause trouble with your sleep. On the other hand rooms low in temperature can help relax your body and mind. It is suggested that your room temperature should be around 65 degrees. Also wear loose cotton clothes in order to avoid the heat.

3. Try Melatonin Rich Foods

Melatonin is a type of hormone produced by the pineal gland located in our brains. This special type of hormone regulates sleep. There are certain types of food that are rich in melatonin; the trick is to add these foods to your diet. No. 1 food on the list of “the foods high in melatonin” is cherries. You can even consume their juice when they are out of season. Other foods rich in melatonin are walnuts, bananas, grapes, olive oil and even milk. Sometimes a glass of warm milk is all you need to fall asleep. Take these foods right after dinner or at least two hours before going to bed, and let the melatonin do its work.

4. Never take Your Worries to Bed

Say bye to all your worries the moment you enter your bedroom, because it’s time to fall asleep and thinking about your problems is nothing more but a waste of your precious dreams. What you can do is keep a notebook; a few minutes before going to bed should be your time to write down all your worries and other things that bother you. You will feel relieved as soon as you will write them down. Maintaining a daily diary can also serve this purpose.

5. Some Relaxing Techniques You can Follow

Deep breathing and stretching can be very effective for keeping your body relaxed. You can try this deep breathing technique: sit up straight and breathe in, now count till 3 and exhale, repeat this process 10 to 15 times before going to bed.You can try this stretching technique along with deep breathing. Lie down in your bed with your legs stretched out straight, now curl your toes and keep them curled for 7 seconds. This routine will help you a great deal in relaxing your body.

6. Some Important Lifestyle Tips for You to Follow

An important factor that can cause hindrance in our sleep is our lifestyle. Be strict about your routine, there should be a fixed time for bed, a fixed time for meals and a fixed time for physical activities. Try to schedule your exercise time in the morning hours; if this isn’t possible for you, then it should take place at least three hours before bedtime.Your dinner time should take place at least 4 hours before going to bed. People who eat right before going to bed usually suffer from acidity, which keeps them awake all night. Also avoid taking very oily foods at dinnertime.
Always reach the bed when you are dead tired for that avoid sleeping in the afternoon.

7. Do not Force Yourself to Sleep

Never force yourself to sleep. You will end up thinking over and over again that “I should fall asleep” or “why I can’t fall asleep?”, but you won’t fall asleep like that. In case you cannot put yourself to sleep even after trying the above mentioned tips, get out of the bed and read a book or do something that can make you feel tired. Reading a book can be very helpful in relaxing your muscles.

Hope these tips will help you fall asleep faster next time.

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