A child must first be trained in breathing, smelling, sensing, identifying, relating and in emotionally bonding with nature. The present systems of making it read and remember by using the Brain only and deliberately suppressing its natural traits like sensing and enjoying must be ended. Its urge to feel must be the foundation of education. Today we are forcing it to divorce its feelings and emotions for nature and bludgeoning it to just read and remember with no connection at all to nature.

The slide down into the ultimate abyss has become education. The Biosphere no longer is the macro body, wherein every organism, breathed, smelt, sensed, perceived, interacted, coordinated, cooperated and lived in blissful symbiosis. We killed the Biosphere as a single macro living entity.

Then we have cut the breathe, smell, sensing based emotional connection to thought and perception. The Brain is at war with breathing. The entire perception by using the air to breathe, smell and perceive is getting destroyed. Emotion is called bias and so emotion is banished from education. So nature, including one’s own body is banished from education. We are trained to depend only on the Brain which has the basic malady of misrepresenting by modeling invariably in the false 3D shapes.

We start with mathematics, say two plus two is equal to four. It means that there are two units, each a two. When they move and merge they become one unit called four. But what about the matter in between those two units? There is no vacuum in between them. A gigantic operation of nature is involved when the ‘two plus two ‘, takes and certainly the consequence is not just four. In this simple addition we are making the kid ignore nature at work. Every mathematical operation has a big or gigantic matrix of nature’s operations and they can be perceived only holistically by adopting breathing, smelling and sensing.

A phenomenon has infinite histories and not one causative history which we drill in mathematics. Mathematics is based on the basic dictum of a single cause and single effect. But the reality is there are infinite number of cause and effect clusters and clouds. Identifying any phenomenon as due to a single cause is misleading. After all in Quantum Physics, it has been found that a single electron goes through a million holes in front of it at the same time. It’s very identity as a 3D body is misleading. We are confusing fields, in fact feelings as 3D entities and bludgeoning the kids with the basic false notions.

We live in emotions and not one emotion can be quantified.

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