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What Is Ma​​nagement Consultancy

​   What Is Management Consultancy: Management consultants help organizations...


What Is Management Consultancy:

Management consultants help organizations to:

1-     Improve their business revenues by finding and fixing performance gaps.
2-     Increase Performance by recommending training and skill enhancing techniques
3-     Enhance Customer Satisfaction by recommending best practices on Customer Excellence
4-     Tweaking strategies and management paradigms to divert the focus towards right path.
5-     Audit the Organizational Structure to fine tune the work force.
6-     Modifying the processes by removing unnecessary (non-value add) tasks
7-     Finding key issues by measuring KPIs and SLAs.
8-     Cost Reduction Mechanisms.
9-     Certification Assurance etc.
Primarily, they work on the company's corporate, finance, HR, Production and Operations domains. They perform a deep analysis of the on-going tasks and give recommendations on how to improve policies and procedures, employee efficiency, decrease fault rates, better customer management, sales force boosting, hence, maximize company's business.

What Actions Do the Perform:

The consultancy duration can be from one to several months depending upon the type and size of the organization, complexity of the problems and style of current operations of the company. Some of the tasks are given below:

1-     Data collection to understand the work break down structure.
2-     Conducting deep analysis of the on-going day to day work.
3-     Meetings with client's employees, management team and other stakeholders for suggesting potential improvements.
4-     Establishment of dashboard to measure performance of different departments.
5-     Recommendations about cost optimization, process excellence and governance, improved employees' productivity, finding gaps between teams, policies and procedures audits, better projects and programs flow monitoring templates, problem handling strategies, Skills enhancements and so on.

What Qualities Management Consultants possess:

Below is the list of specific traits, management consultants are required to possess:

C-Competent – They are up to date with the industry. They are competent enough to understand the problems their client is facing. They have specialised soft and hard tools to ensure thorough audits and ensure continuous improvement.

O-Organized – They understand that staying Organized helps in many ways in terms of time saving, avoiding panic situation, better customer satisfaction and so on. Ensure accessibility of information by keeping documentation, processes and data arranged.

N-Niche Specialist – They are specialists of the domain. Having thorough knowledge, deep level wisdom, in sync with industry activities they ensure they are on top of it when their customers engage them in any sort of discussion related to the niche.  

S-Supportive – The consultants help ensure implementation and governance of processes and recommendations based on their audit and analysis. They understand that their customers' success is their success so they strive to support their customers for anything which might help cause improvement in the business domain.

U-Unbiased—With their focus on overall improvement and having belief in supremacy of policies they ensure they are not biased to any person. Though they take into account the sensitivity of the stance taken by different stake holders.

L-Listeners – They understand that effective listening is part of effective communication. They are empathic listeners so that they understand the core of the challenges with the belief in the philosophy of 'customer comes first'

T-Trust Worthy – Winning target is easy, winning customers/people is tough. By becoming trust worthy the consultants make their place in the heart and mind of their customers and develop permanent long-term relationship which is mutually benefit for both the parties. So the consultants develop trust by their consistent candid behaviour, by empathic listening, by giving the right advice, by judging the people fairly and eventually treating them fairly.

A-Analytical – This is the most critical skill all consultants must have. The prime purpose for the Analysis of any given situation is to get to know the root cause(s) of the issue, to forecast the impact and to plan corrective/preventive actions strategy. So basically analytical skill is to visualize a given situation, task, project or issue from several angles in order to breakdown it into smaller steps. Breakdown the big problem in smaller ones and fix one by one. The consultants consider the situation from multiple angles including Statistical, Financial, Operational and Social perspectives in order to come up with the most effective recommendations about the situation, task or project.

N-North Bound Thinkers – with the belief in continuous improvement they always think upwards. They think about perfection from Cost optimization, Quality assurance, Scope control, fault reduction, resource optimization and so on. 

T-Time Bound – The consultants fully understand the value of time and sensitivity of market trends hence they ensure brisk audits, fast but sound analysis, controlled implementation of new recommendations by effective delegation.  

S-Strategic – Consultants are Visionary. They begin with the end in mind. They see the future today and align their strategies based on their knowledge, experience, market study and risk analysis.

The consultants having these qualities can bring flying colour success to any organization they work for or any project they are assigned to.

How to Become a Management Consultant:

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Article Written by Junaid Tahir