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AirTasker - An Online Market Place to Find Local Services And Earn Money For Performing Such Services

Airtasker is a trusted community marketplace for people to outsource tasks, find local services, remote work or complete flexible...

Airtasker is a trusted community marketplace for people to outsource tasks, find local services, remote work or complete flexible jobs to earn money. 

Prior to Airtasker, people with skills and available time had no easy way to identify other people in their local community that might have a need for their service.  Babysitters, dog-walkers, handymen and others had limited options other than letterbox dropping and word-of-mouth recommendations.  Similarly, tradespeople and professionals who were self-employed or in small businesses had limited options to find new customers other than traditional classified advertising and direct mail. 

With Airtasker, a Poster can post up any task and wait for a Tasker to make offers on their task. The Poster will then review all their offers and select a person based on the information provided. The Poster and Tasker can now communicate privately and make arrangements for the task to be done according to each other’s availability and circumstances. 

On the flip side, a Tasker can browse working opportunities whenever they want and when they see a task that they are interested in, can ask questions, clarify requirements and make offers. Once the task is complete, the Tasker will then get paid.

Some popular services that can be offered to the community include:

The skills necessary to complete a task will depend completely on the task that you are performing. Some tasks may not need specialist skills e.g. if you’re just a really handy person and good at assembling furniture, you would qualify for a furniture assembly task perfectly. On the other hand, if your task requires a certified mechanic or electrician, then you will need to possess those skills to complete the task. 


  • Make sure that both Taskers and Posters understand the requirements of task 
  • Make sure to verify your account with badges which help validate trust and safety
  • Treat the platform like a local community 
  • Do not engage in illegal or fraudulent behaviour as you will be taken off the platform for breach of marketplace rules
  • Make an effort to maintain a high star rating and completion rate because those are indicators of your quality of work and trustworthiness as a Tasker

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