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9 Rules for Staying Positive

By Junaid Tahir Straight to the point, below are my 9 self-created rules in order to stray positive and live a s...

By Junaid Tahir
Straight to the point, below are my 9 self-created rules in order to stray positive and live a stress free life:

1-      I must develop the power of not looking back in the past to read the old chapters of life again and again because I cannot go back to my past to fix things. Whatever has happened has happened. Now is the time to review the lessons learnt once and then focus on to improve my present and future.

2-      I have to stay away from negative souls which means I have to avoid spending time with people doing backbiting, criticising, cursing, complaining, conspiring, corrupting and complicating. (More about the 6 Cs can be read at this link).
3-      I have to stop judging others for their actions. I must mind my own business instead of interpreting their actions and commenting in negative way. Thinking and speaking about others pollutes my thoughts and steals my peace of mind.
4-      I must develop the habit of gratitude. Which means that at the end of each day I must refresh the fact that I am better than billions of the people of the world. Being healthy, not in debt, sleeping on the bed, eating 3 times a day and using internet are the great blessings billions of people don't enjoy. (Some pictures here). People possessing high level of gratitude strengthen positive powerful thoughts.   
5-      I must spend time in reading good books, visiting websites on positivity, liking Facebook pages containing quotes and reading inspirational stories on daily basis. This will help remove negative impurities from my personality and empower my positive personality trait.

6-      I must stop being explosive and reactive to people and situations. I must stay positive about other's feelings and respect their opinions because every soul is unique in thinking so I should avoid imposing my thoughts to others. I must confess the fact that I can be wrong at times so understanding other's perspective be being empathic is very important for me to avoid building stress reducing my self-positivity-index.
7-      I must be positive about my circumstances even if they are not so good. I have to understand the fact that time does not stop so I have to start taking the necessary actions to expedite the change process. One thousand plans cannot be equal to the power of one great step taken right now!!!
8-      I must focus on spiritual awakening acts such as a) frequent attacks of smiling, loss of ability in conflicts, loss of ability to judging others, ability to react to things as they happen instead of living in fears and so on.   

9-      I must focus on improving the quality of my thoughts because quality of thoughts determine the level of peace of mind. (Reasons for Negative thoughts can be read here)

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