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10 Benefits of Being Organized

Are there really any benefits to being organized? Isn't it more fun to live on the edge and fly by the seat of your pants? I...

Are there really any benefits to being organized? Isn't it more fun to live on the edge and fly by the seat of your pants? If you have ever asked yourself those questions, then you may not be aware of the many benefits there actually are to being organized. It's not about taking the fun or spontaneity out of life, but about getting the best from your life that you can.

Here are 10 benefits to being organized:

1.You will have more time for yourself, your friends and your family.

When you live an organize life, you get things done faster. You spend less time looking for lost things and more time with the people you love. Freeing up your time will also allow you to read that book you've been meaning to get to for the past year or taking that tennis class. We never get yesterday back. Make sure you get the most out of each day.

2.You will save money.
You'll always use up what you have and not buy duplicates because they are lost in the back of a cabinet somewhere. No more last minute purchases, which can add up very quickly, when you are organized.

3.You will achieve balance in your life.
You can spend less time on the little things of life and more time on the big things, like your health and your family. Achieving balance sets the stage for an amazing life.

4.You and your family will be healthier.

You'll have more time to prepare healthy meals and exercise.

5.Your professional life will improve.

Not only will you make a better impression on your co-workers and boss, but you will feel great about yourself. When you feel like you have it all together at work, your professional life can take off and you can achieve things you have always dreamed of.

6.You will reduce the clutter around you.

Being surrounded by clutter is like dragging heavy chains around with you all day. It slows you down, makes you tired and is just stressful. Getting rid of the clutter will help you to experience a sense of freedom.

7.You will have more energy.

Most organized people are full of energy. Why is that? Because they take better care of themselves inside and out.

8.You won't mind last minute visitors in your home.

Not everyone likes people popping in on them, but for those of you who do, your friends and family could do so without you breaking into a cold sweat. You can invite them to sit down in a clean living room and even offer them something to eat and drink. Your home will feel inviting and comfortable.

9.You will be able to set and achieve your goals.

People who write down their goals are much more likely to achieve them. Being organized can help you recognize what your goals are and map out a plan to achieve them.

10.You will be an example to those around you.

Your children are watching and learning from you everyday. Showing them how to be organized and get the most out of each day will be a lesson they can take with them for the rest of their lives. If you don't want your children to be raised in chaos, make it your goal to get life under control. They will someday thank you and appreciate everything you did for them