Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM ®) is a credential offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI ®).
PMI’s CAPM ® is an entry-level certification for project practitioners. Designed for those with less project experience, the CAPM ® is intended to demonstrate candidates' understanding of the fundamental knowledge, terminology and processes of effective project management.

Who should apply?

If you’re a less experienced project practitioner looking to demonstrate your commitment to project management, improve your ability to manage larger projects and earn additional responsibility, and stand out to potential employers, the CAPM ®certification is right for you.

CAPM  Eligibility Overview

To apply for the CAPM , you need to have at least one of the following :

1 Requirement
 A secondary degree (high school diploma or the global equivalent) AND At least 1,500 hours of project experience
2 Requirement
23 hours of project management education by the time you sit for the exam.

About the CAPM

The exam consists of 150 multiple-choice questions based on the PMBOK ® 5th edition. You have three hours to complete the exam.


How to apply for the exam

Note: This section explains the process for registering for the computer-based exam; the registration process is different for those taking the paper-based exam.
You can prepare the exam studying at home by yourself. Once you are ready, you book for the exam in a certification center near your home. The day of the exam you go with your personal documents to activate the computer that the center has selected for you.
Notice that most of cities in the world have a certification center. The certification center is an office, a school, an university which have computer connected to the web. Once you arrive to the center, they will access a website with a private link to your exam. They will open your exam and from that moment you will have 3 hours to finish.
For now you should not worry about the registration process because you will find it in the "How to book The Exam" section later. What you should check is, if there is a Certification Center near your home. If you want we can do it for you for free, just complete this form and we will come back to you with the results.

How to prepare for the exam

If you join NEWinPM, and study hard by yourself, there is no need to take any external classes (beyond the one you took to get the required 23 hours of education from a PMI Registered Education Provider). If at any time during the preparation process you have a question about the exam, or processes described in the PMBOK ® 5th edition, please post it in our forum. NEWinPM staff will guide you every step of the way as you prepare for your exam.



All NEWinPM staff have achieved CAPM ® certification. We know what kind of knowledge is being tested in the exam and we will help you pass the exam on the very first try.

9 steps to get your CAPM certification

1 - Download the PMBOK 5th edition ( the lastest version) . We recommend you purchase the book online through Amazon.


If you are not planning to buy the PMBOK ®, write us at and we can let you borrow one of our copies.


2 - Join NEWinPM and start watching the Video Classes. ( watching all classes will take you around 13 hours). Click here to access the Video Classes


3 - Start reading the PMBOK , read it at least once and do not hesitate to consult other books that we recommend in our site. Click here to access to an article where you will find all the recommended books.


4 - Once you have read the 3rd chapter, you should start memorizing the Inputs, tools and techniques. Click here and use our game to memorize the ITTOs ( a fundamental part of the CAPM ® examination).


5 - Once you have finished reading the PMBOK (this shouldn't take you more than 30 hours), you can practise with sample questions. Most of our questions are really similar to the ones you will find in the real exam. Click here to access more than 1000 questions. You can choose between solving one of our sample exams (which contains 150 question) or launching the study mode (which helps you study by displaying the correct answer after you have selected one of the four answer choices).


6 - Once you are scoring at least 80 % in our sample exams, you are ready to book your exam. At this point you will need to pay the exam fee($300 USD for non-PMI members; $225 for members of PMI)and book the exam online (which we recommend). Click here to see the tutorial " How to book your Exam" and if you have purchased the Full Access Plan you will have access to a special Forum Section in which we help you in every step of the registration.


7 - At this point your exam should be already booked. Use the days before the exam to practice with sample exams and memorize the formulas that are necessary and the ITTO's.


8 - Your are now almost ready to take the exam. Before leaving for the testing center make sure you read our Tips and Tricks here.


9 - The last step is to take the exam and pass it. If you are taking the computer based exam, you will see your results right after you finish.

Notice that all link in this post will be activated once you purchase the Full Access Plan.

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