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Everyone is unique - The Sooner You Know, the Better

Once a teacher took his class to a park and asked them to observe the park for a short span of time but all of them should not move from t...

Once a teacher took his class to a park and asked them to observe the park for a short span of time but all of them should not move from their location. After 5 minutes the teacher asked each student to share what he/she has noticed. One student mentioned that he felt a cool breeze which made him feel fresh and energetic. All students were cheered up by listening to this comment as they also started feeling the same. Another student said that green leaves and colourful flowers are an indication of life, hope and prosperity. All students felt optimistic about this comment. Another student said that the silence in the surroundings and the yellow colour of some of the leaves made him sad, lonely and pessimistic about life. To this comment, all other students started yelling at him about being negative. The teacher asked the student to stop criticising their fellow beings and stay silent. 

The teacher then said to his students that each one of them was given the same kind of situation/circumstances however each student had different observations and feelings like being happy, sad, fresh, cheerful, pessimist, optimist etc however by logic no one was completely wrong.  The Teacher further elaborated that each one of us has a unique personality. The observations and feelings of each individual can be unique however we must not disgrace anyone about what he has observed or felt. Our fellow beings can be slightly wrong, fully wrong or cent percent right at different moments in life. The uniqueness of each individual is as a result of his/her thought process, comprehension levels, mood swings, brought up, judgement style, vision & knowledge of the world, analytical skills and so on. However, the wisdom is to respect the feelings and actions of each individual as much as possible. And in case we want to correct someone, we must adopt a polite and decent approach and advice to the person should not be given in public rather in private. This is to ensure that respect and dignity of the person is not compromised. 

Article written by Junaid Tahir - 2015

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