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Let Go Of These Things To Stay Happy

​ #1 The past.   Gently allow the past to be released. Release tension of the traumatic, dramatic and intensely emotional past. I...

#1 The past. 
Gently allow the past to be released. Release tension of the traumatic, dramatic and intensely emotional past. In other words, drop the baggage, for good. keep going, keep releasing.

#2 The future. 
Let go of the unpredictable, unforeseen worries, if-onlys and what ifs of the non-existent future.

#3 Attachments. 
Let go of rushing around chanting  or trying to relax by incessantly thinking of your to-do list. Spend less time stressing about what has to be done and focus on the most productive doing possible. 

#4 External approval. 
Know that you have everything you need to be who and what you are right now without anyone giving you the green light.

#5 Anger and resentment. 
Accept the unsent apology — today. Could it also be time to send some?

#6 Regret. 
Do now. You're still here. Do now. Take action with integrity and responsibility. Do now.

#7 Superficial shape chasing. 
Accept the body you're in right now. Not yesterday, not 10 years ago, the body you have in this very moment. It is the greatest, most important instrument you have to experience this life. Love it and use it in every you-supporting way possible.

#8 Perfection. 
Instead of striving for perfection, go beyond the surface value of everything, including the skin, and seek a deep, mind-blowing connection. And, how can you become perfection when you already are perfection?

#9 Excuses. 
Forget them. Know what you are saying, feeling and doing when you make an excuse. Be honest with yourself. Invite in more integrity. Although our resistance is creative, it's also futile.

#10 Unnecessary stress and tension — 
in all it's forms. Allow yourself to feel the body as mindfully as you can. Learn to release tension from the body and the mind will follow. Make this a daily moment-by-moment practice of self-love.

#11 Regimes and schemes. Forget rigidity — 
invite openness, new methods and techniques into the discovery of your creative expression. Do this continually. Let the river flow versus seeking the same answers from water that has become stagnant. Remember, you are only in the box that you put yourself into.

#12 Rewards and punishments plans. 
Up and down, up and down and in a circle we go and go and go. Learn to nourish yourself continuously versus creating and limiting yourself to cyclical behavior that tends to lead you back to square one over and over again.

#13 Your ex. Friendship or family member…
dwelling causes suffering. Forgive and let go by creating healthy boundaries that are best for you. Reconnect with who you are outside of the relationship that may no longer exist. Embrace impermanence.

#14 Expectations. 
Invite patience and common sense into your life. Use your intuition more often and let go of the critical constraints that hold you back. Set yourself free with a sincere open-mind and by all means, treat others like you'd like to be treated, seen, heard and loved.

#15 Jealousy. 
Learn to be happy for the success of others and allow yourself to tap into and see your own authentic greatness. This can unlock and unblock many doors toward the success of you.

#16 Negativity. 
Refuse to complain, judge and criticize others. Stop bashing and you've heard it before: be the change. Positivity equals more energy and a stronger immune system. Make this a conditioned response.

#17 Incessant unrealistic fantasies. 
You are your thoughts, right?  Step out of the creative distraction of the fantastical mind matrix and experience more time within and creating your reality.

#18 Your smartphone. 

#19 Energy vamps. 
Be careful about misusing your time with people or situations that don't serve your highest purpose. It may not always be possible, but value the allocation of your time wisely — this present moment is precious. Use it and spend it mindfully.

#20 Blame. 
Take personal responsibility of your life, your actions. Refuse to blame others for what's not happening in your life. Be response-able — be a creator, not a victim.

#21 Your storyline. 
Allow yourself to receive yourself. Allow yourself to act, build, expand and exist within the freedom of the present moment without any excuse, blame or narration. If your current habits aren't working, it's time to inquire within.