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Better Choices for Weight Control

​ ​ ​ Weight Control :: #40 By Al Loomis ...

Tip of the day
Weight Control :: #40
By Al Loomis from Denver USA.

The Best Diet is no diet at all but a lifetime commitment to better choices! 

Many studies have proven that all diets have a temporary effect! The secret to losing weight is to make permanent choices in what we do. Here we have some simple long term commitments:

• Commit to whole wheat bread

• Drink fruit juices instead of soft drinks

• Always select fruit as a dessert

• Start most meal with a large salad

• Use whole grain pasta, bread and rice

• Take longer to eat. It takes time for your body to send its satisfaction signal

• Always park your car far rather than near

• Use the stairs for anything less than 4 stories

• Think positive about all of the choices above.

Forming good habits is the answer to long term health! 
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