Steps to View Multiple Different Sections of a Worksheet at Once

  1. Go to the View tab and click the Split button:
  2. Once you do that, your screen will be divided into 4 sections:

    You have 4 different views of the same worksheet.
  3. Click on the middle of the dividers that appeared and resize them so they work for your data:

    If you move the dividers all the way to the top, you will have a dual split screen like this:

    If you move them all the way to the left, the screen will be split like this:

    To get back to the original 4 way split, just click the Split button on the View tab once to remove it all and then again to bring it back.
  4. Once you have the view that you want, move the sliders at the bottom of the window and to the right of the window to adjust the view.  This might be a little confusing at first, so play around with it until you get what you want.
If I was going to view all 4 sections of the worksheet without using this view feature, I would have to zoom out or have a big monitor and it would look like this:


To go back to the default view, click the Split button again on the View tab.
This view is kind of confusing to use at first.  Play around with it until you understand how it works and become comfortable with the interface.  When working on large worksheets, this view is a really helpful feature to use.

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