The Almighty might give a person abundant wealth to test whether he would spend his spare wealth in charity and he might give someone little money.

We should not feel jealous if we do not have what others have.  The Almighty knows best what every human being should have.  We should accept His decision without criticism because we have no right to think differently. He is the most WISE and He is the Creator of our MASSIVE UNIVERSE including Trillions and Trillions of elements. Out Limited and erroneous mind cannot fathom the HUGE WISDOM behind God's plans. Sometimes, life gives us answers, sometimes don't so let us not try to boil the ocean !

Keep yourselves far away from jealousy; it eats up and takes away your good actions just like a fire eats up and burns wood.  Now Science proves that negative elements of our thoughts (Lie, jealousy, grieve, stress, negativity have bad impact on our body organs) so be thankful all the times as you are living a life, millions of people are dreaming to have.

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