Confidence is not to be confused with arrogance, although when taken overboard it can come across that way.  Instead, think of confidence as the juice to jazz your thinking, feeling, and doing in more powerful ways.  Rather than second guess yourself every step of the way, or chopping yourself down to size … put a cork in your fear, while uncorking your possibilities.
That's where big ideas, bold action, and daring adventures come from.
Of course, like anything, there are two ends of the spectrum.  You can dial your confidence up or down, depending on what you need to be effective for your scenario.  One way to dial up your confidence is to have a handy set of pithy prose to help inspire or remind you of the confident way.  Quotes are a powerful tool, and they put the brilliance of minds like Aristotle, Mark Twain, Henry Ford, and others right at your mental finger tips.

The Wisdom of the Ages on Confidence …

If we flip through the words of wisdom from the ages and modern sages, we see a few key patterns and themes for improving confidence:
  • Flow your confidence from the inside out.  Don't hang it from the praise or accolades or reinforcement of others.
  • Find your way forward.  Confidence is not the absence of fear, but instead feeling the fear, and finding your way forward.
  • See it in your mind's-eye.   Picture it.  Visualize the confident you, and drink often from your fountain of images.
  • Flip the switch.  It's like flipping a switch. It's an emotional and mental state that you can drive from.  You just might have to turn it on.   For some, this means fake it till you make it.
  • Don't let critics limit you.  Don't let other people push your buttons, and know how to push your own.  Sometimes you need the critic to tell you that you can't, to figure out that you can … but don't become reliant on reverse psychology to make up your mind.
  • Know that confidence comes before competence.  Don't fall prey to the "if … then" trap (If I'm competent, then I'll be confident.")  Instead, anchor your confidence to the belief that you will get better with practice.  Expect great things from yourself and make them happen.
  • Let your confidence bloom as you do.  You might be sapling where somebody else is a sage, but don't let their shadow overshadow you.  Simply recognize the stage you are at, and be confident in your ability to grow.  Your capacity is a powerful thing.
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