New York City-based company Waverly Labs says they will soon release the Pilot, a pair of in-ear translators designed to let people who speak different languages understand each other in real-time.​

"It's real," says Andrew Ochoa, CEO and founder of the New York City-based company Waverly Labs, which claims to be the first to pioneer an in-ear language translator that is capable of rendering human speech in real-time.
They're calling it the Pilot, and the "smart earpiece" could soon be in users' hands.
The technology makes use of an embedded app that does the translating, which is delivered to the earpiece that is shared by two people. The Pilot is also supposed to come with an additional earpiece for wireless streaming music and an app that allows people toggles between languages.
In their video and blog post, Ochoa says that he was driven to fulfill the idea of real-time translation after, apparently, meeting a French girl (whom we should probably thank).
The company intends to develop support for European and Germanic languages first, but the Slavic Semitic, Hindi, and East Asian languages are not too far behind.
Through a crowdfunding campaign, the Pilot will be available at $410 by next year. But if you're already too excited, they have an early-bird special right up on their webpage.

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  1. Any translator in the language that wives can understand?