If you are on a weight loss plan, you can do it with a little help from your best friend. Get in shape with your friend by pledging to walk or run for a cause. Participate in a charity race and give yourself a deadline that you must lose weight and get fit before the race. Training with a friend will help you break the monotony of the daily routine and keep you motivated. While you are preparing for your race, you will not only do intense physical exercises to keep yourself fit but will also be mindful of your diet that will help you drop pounds. However, make sure that you don't slow down your pace and get busy in gossiping with your partner.
The race will challenge you as well as give you a great cardio workout. You can also participate in events like Stepathlon with your best pal at the office. Stepathlon is an event for companies across all industries to break the cycle of sedentary behaviour. The event encourages you to take 10000 steps a day so that you stay active all day. You should, in fact, aim to walk more than a 10000 steps in a day to lose weight

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