Setting up a new social media account? Or managing multiple email accounts? The most important part of these activities is to create a strong password. People mostly don’t want to get into the complexities of creating a strong password and they consider it to be a time consuming feat! Though password creation does require some extra time due the involvement of thought process in setting a secure password, still it is a process worth investing your time.

Every year we collect the worst passwords from all over the internet. The worst passwords of 2015 give you a good idea of the lack of interest of most people have when it comes to create a proper password!

To be honest if you really don’t want to consume your time in creating a password yourself then it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a good password. Use a good password manager to this work for you.

A password manager app takes care of all your passwords, saving them all in its secure database and even letting you come up with super-strong password combinations that you don’t need to remember (thats why it saves them for you). Basically you have to remember one master password for your manager app and you’re good to go. Its a locker for all your passwords and logins.

Now that you’re clear on what they can do for you, lets take a look at some of the popular password managers around.


Lastpass password manager is a good option if you are looking to create a unique & strong password. It also works for teams where you can share the passwords between multiple Lastpass account holders. Go ahead & give it a try.
Download it here:


Keepass is also a dependable password manager having a simple, open source & user friendly platform but it exhibits certain problems in password sharing and synchronization between devices. If you are looking for a simple password manager that doesn’t need to be synchronized between multiple devices, then Keepass is for you.
Download it here:


Dashlane is another reputable password manager having the property of password sharing but it is one of the costly ones around. But if you want to have one of the best password managers irrespective of their cost, then this manager is exactly what you require.
Download it here:

Tips for password creation

Following are some basic guidelines to create a secure and strong password.
  • Create an acronym from some information that is significant and hence easy to remember for you. Such as, my pet parrot’s birthday is 10 April 1996. This sentence will become Mppbi/Apr,10
  • You can keep a short phrase or sentence as a password by writing it in your unique way. Such as, 2B-or-Not_2b? It says “To be or not to be?”
  • You can use the keyboard to create a shape pattern constituting the keys. Such as, %tgbHU8* makes a V on the keyboard. Similarly you can keep changing the shape pattern.
  • Include the information that you are sure people don’t know about you. Yes that’s the point of privacy!
  • Keep changing your password after a particular time period.
Tools for password generation
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