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Particles of Consciousness?

An average mind is capable of 10 70,000,000,000,000 ideas. It includes duds like me. To write all those zeros, it will take more tha...

An average mind is capable of 1070,000,000,000,000 ideas. It includes duds like me. To write all those zeros, it will take more than a thousand years. The number of ideas, a brain is capable of is hundreds of times more than the total number of atoms, in the present visible Universe, which is 46 billion light years. You need not use big machines and gadgets to explore the Universe. What all you have to do is to explore your own brain.
The brain consists of trillions of neurons, each neuron connected to many other neurons, a gigantic network, which generates the ideas. But not even one idea can be packed and stored in a bottle or whatever it is. The ideas are stored in the brain itself and those ideas do not remain idle but they work as the foundations of the unconscious conceptualizations that govern understanding. In fact 95 per cent of the total brain profile is the sub conscious where the feed from the conscious mind are processed.
Ideas are products of the mind as a huge interaction with the atoms, energies etc outside the person. When you can see everything—atoms, particles, energies, the basic processes of interactions, then do you see the particles which we may call ideaons (thought particles)?Are there combinations of sub atomic particles which are yet to become atoms? How do particles interact among themselves, before they become atoms? Those particles need the ‘zygote-notice’, to change from the wave state to the state of the particles. Now which type of emotional notice creates which type of particle? 

The fundamental question is how are thoughts generated by the neurons that create the notice that triggers the process of waves changing into particles, particles into atoms, into molecules, matter, planets, stars, galaxies...?My God, even duds like me are creating so much of cosmic activity, at the sub conscious level!

When I use a huge machine to do research, I come across big anomalies. The machine has to be built in accordance of the principles of Newtonian mechanics. But the principles of Newtonian mechanics fail at the quantum level and also at the level of large bodies like planets, stars etc.If you compare Newtonian mechanics with a pen, then you are trying to use that pen to write on water or in the air. Let us take a scenario, where there are two huge stones placed at a distance from each other. The stones are composed of atoms, which are composed of particles. Those particles do not obey the laws of the Newtonian mechanics. But each stone as a body is subject to the laws of Newtonian mechanics. But the particles traveling between those stones do not follow a straight path but they get curved (Curvature of the space-time). Now when I become conscious of all these things happening between those two stones, what will my notice do to them? Actually what is my notice doing to the machine I am using?
Can you afford to keep Meta physics and physics as separate sciences? Is it not time to integrate and redesign faculties?  Life is viewed as so much time. Time is now space-time. Life can also be viewed as a succession of conceptualizations. Conceptualizations depend on thoughts. Thoughts are generated by the neurons. Neurons depend on electro-magnetism, the basic lepton. So thoughts have to be accommodated in the standard model and the particle, ‘ideaon’, needs equal attention as is given to the Higgs boson or to the elusive graviton. And Astrology has to be accommodated in Relativity Physics.