Everyday that you don't take a step towards or into your purpose is a wasted day and time cannot be replaced. The sheep is just a spectator; BE THE LION and lead from the front. If God woke you up and deemed fit to continue to pump life into your lungs then you still have time to walk into your purpose. It doesn't take any effort to be a loser. We get mad at how others treat us but we don't hold accountable the person who set those standards; OURSELVES. Change your behavior towards yourself and stop living to just merely exist.
Be the Star of your Life

Don't volunteer your life to mediocrity. Shift your awareness towards value of what you can bring to the table of life. Start living and stop being concerned about what others will think. You will never know what you are capable of until you step out of your comfort zone and apply the gifts you have been given. No one else can sing your song and the world will never know your words if all you do is BAAHHHHHH like a sheep! When you stop conforming to your broken thoughts and views, then and only then can you ROAR like a damn LION! The only voice who has the power to stop you from greatness is your own!

We have all been victims of our circumstances. Take those hits and get back up. If you are down right now but you can still look up then you have not been defeated! Someone needs to see you overcome your situation, someone needs to see how you took that hit and still got back up! Failure only happens when you quit. Get back up and get back in that damn ring! Don't get sidetracked by what everyone else around you is doing, don't be like them; that role and position is already taken. Your time is valuable and the one wasting the most of it is you!
Source: LinkedIn Shannon Bunn
Change your thoughts and Change your world

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