Notice that child behavior Disorder is not a disability, rather a disorder that affects the child's ability to pay attention and do regular normal work. Children should be treated as per requirement and everyone involved with the child should understand that some of the behaviors that they see are not the result of the child misbehaving. The behaviors is not controlled by child so caregivers­ must understand this and be patient when disciplining children with the disorder.
A child will display following symptoms and behaviours. This disturbance has caused significant impairment in her social and academic functioning.
  • anxious/depressed
  • depressed
  • somatic complaints
  • social problems
  • thought problems
  • attention problems
  • rule-breaking behavior
  • aggressive behavior

A pattern of Negativity, Hostile and Defiant Behavior.
1] The child often loses temper.
2] Argues with adults.
3] Defies and refuses to comply with adults’ requests or rules.
4] Annoys people deliberately.
5] Blames her mother for her misbehavior.
6] Is angry and resentful.
7] Is vindictive
The cause is an imbalance of the neurotransmitter Serotonin, a chemical responsible for reactions to emotional like fear, happiness, sadness, or aggression. When the uptake of Serotonin is blocked the brain cannot appropriately translate impulses, resulting in an overreaction and makes these behaviors.
Behavior Therapy for Children
Mother is far better and reliable than medical treatment. Mother and family should understand that this is just life nothing else but the real one.
Parents with a child should seek support and help from a professional who is master in treating with this disorder. As many a times behaviors are behaviors misdiagnosed, wrong treatment is given and so left untreated it can, and most likely will, progress to the more serious conduct disorder, substance abuse and severe delinquency.
The whole family will be touched by the disability. Therapy for the entire family will often be necessary The adjustment is often difficult and is an ongoing process. A child with a disability will often require around the clock care. They might need a special diet and help with toileting on a regular basis. It can also affect the family financially and many other problems comes up. The biggest problem is that the parents under or misunderstand the problem. They do not have idea about trained to deal with needs of the child. They do not follow the treatment properly and many times left at half way.
When it is left untreated Conduct disorder commonly occurs. They have trouble academically. Do not progress. The child will violate more serious rules like running away from home or skipping school and many others. Their pattern of misbehavior will usually progress to more aggressive behavior toward people and or animals. Children may initiate bullying and fighting. They may become disrespectful to others or causing damage.
Parents should get help, avoid power struggles, and remain positive with their child. Their child requires an extremely strict routine, consistency and positive reinforcement as well as a happy and refreshed parent. The child will thrive in an environment which is healthy and consistent, consistent, consistent. I cannot emphasize that word enough.
When one child is disruptive, the entire family gets the effects and everyone suffers the consequences. Patience, determination, and consistent treatment management from experienced doctor can change child’s behavior.
We have to overcome this; I change the conditions and can overcome with consistent support from parents. My best advice is that its ok... no, it’s a very good idea to ask for help.
Child will learn long how to get control of that behavior. Once they have learned control of it, then they will understand discipline for that specific behavior. Keeping them focused on what is expected of them is important. Do not forget to praise your child on controlling themselves. They need to know that you see the changes they have made and that you are proud of how far they have come. Child requires more time and attention from patents – both from father and mother. Here I mention that coordination between father and mother is most – most important.
Management of ADHD and behavioral problems involves administration of a series of remedies depending on the behavioral pattern the child presents with. This approach, known as the ‘Constitutional approach’, involves a deeper understanding of the unique qualities and personality traits of the child.

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