Your world arises from your thoughts and emotions. Your outer situations reflect your inner state. You financial, relationship and health situations - why they are so, and you can change them without fail by your thoughts and emotions.

We all talk to ourselves in our minds. This mental conversation with ourselves never stops.

You maintain your world by your self-talk. Remember, what you think about is what determines your next behaviour. It is limited to your limited ideas and it is 90% repetitive. This is what keeps your world as it is without any change. When you finally stop the self-talk it becomes optimistic and positive.

There are three kinds of people…

1. There are those that are not even aware that they are having a mental conversation with themselves they can’t even remember what they were thinking.

2. Then there are those who know they have mental self-talk, but they are unable to control its direction.

3. Small fraction of the population that can turn self-talk off completely. These are the masters. They have chosen to quiet the mind and become aware. They are quite and simply observant without comment, judgment or thought.

As long as you keep your self-talk on, you will be bound to repeat the same path, the same choices, the same errors, over and over. There is nothing new and nothing fresh. 90% of your thoughts you have per day are repetitive.

Audit your thoughts. Become aware of your self-talk and stop it. At the right time, your spirit will give you the appropriate Thought. Real thought is clear, powerful, decisive, and lovingly without fear. It is a statement of pure knowing.

When you stop your self-talk, you create a vacuum. When you drop your self-talk, the most amazing accomplishments begin to happen.

You have to train yourself to control or stop self talk.

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