Leave it to the experts to figure out if your IQ can actually be improved or not. The fact is, you could score much better in an IQ test on some days than on oth ers, simply because you are much more alert.

That aside, here are some ways that will help you improve your IQ...

1 MAKE DEEP BREATHING A RITUALWhen you breathe deep and maintain the right posture, your blood starts pushing in more oxygen into the brain and tense muscles easing up. To check if it works, try slouching at a meeting and then try sit ting up straight and breathing deeply through your nose. You'll find that almost at b once, your mind starts ticking faster, making o you much more alert, confident and con scious of your surroundings.

2 INDULGE IN REGULAR PHYSICAL ACTIVITYA brisk 20 minute walk can keep you mentally and physical ly fit. As will one of those dancy ing or aerobic classes. Short exercise breaks during office hours are also great if you want to remain alert. Physical activity increases blood flow to the brain, keeping you more pepped up and active.

3 SOLVE A PUZZLEPuzzle-solving can not only make you more mentally active, but actually improve your IQ in the long term. Experts recommend the Rubik cube as a great way to push your brain to work out of the box.Mentally stimulating, this brain bender can actually improve your brain's capacity to solve problems creatively. Other puzzles you may want to tackle are Sudoku, crossword and jigsaws. Log on to any number c of sites, subscribe to a newspaper with these puzzles or buy a jigsaw.

4 THINK DEEPMeditation at its most basic level is watching and being aware of your breathing. Take deep breaths and concentrate on the inhalation and exhalation process. Not only will this pump in more oxygen into your brain, but it'll also help you collect your wandering thoughts and keep your mind focused.

5 INDULGE IN YOUR CREATIVE SIDEPaint, draw, scribble or buy one of those do-it-yourself craft kits. Colour therapy is a great way to not only make you feel better but also sharpen the mind. You could also log on to the internet and blog.

6 SPEED READINGFast readers not only increase their knowledge by getting to read more material in less time, they actually get to retain more.

It's all about the training. When you spend a few minutes everyday , probably while you're reading your newspapers in the morning, you're actually coaching your mind to think and comprehend fast. This quickness thankfully transmits to real life situations, helping you make logical decisions.

Just getting your stuff in order remove can clutter from your brain and make space for more effective think ing. The 5s technique, touted by many management gurus these days is an interesting and effectual Japanese concept. The 5s's--sort, set in order, shine, standardise and sustain -when boiled down to the bare facts, simply means that you need to keep your sur roundings spruced up. Make sure that everything is in its own place, get rid of the stuff you don't need, keep the stuff cluttering your vision to the minimal, maintain some sort of self-discipline.

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  1. Thank you so much, I'll will surely try to discipline my life and started deep breathe.