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Top 4 Ways to BE Positive and Happy Everyday

  “The positive thinker sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible.” – Author Unknown On a normal day, ther...

“The positive thinker sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible.” – Author Unknown

On a normal day, there are many ups and downs we each have to go through. Some we have no choice but to go through, while others we can avoid. But all in all, none of these downs should affect your core inner happiness and positive attitude.

Yes, we each, at our core, are happy and positive people. That’s our true nature. Not the frantic, stressed out person we become after a hard days work…that’s not our core self, that’s external pressures taking its toll on our being.

There are ways to make everyday positive and happy regardless of any ups and downs we may face. Ups and down can’t be avoided, but what you can avoid is the negative effect they have on your being.
Here are 4 ways to be positive and happy everyday no matter what the situation:

Carry a positive Trigger- OK, we all tend to freak out the second something is not going according to plan, or according to the way we expect it to work out. Its in these situation specifically that you need a kind of trigger to push your mind back to the positive track. Whether you’re at home, work or the supermarket a positive trigger can be a picture, a quote, a key chain, or even a text on your phone. Anything that can be carried with you at all times and has the ability to make you think positive happy thoughts. Just flip out this positive trigger when you are down and get right back on the positive track.

Smile Consciously- There are days, when I carry that plastic smile around. I might meet people, smile and greet them cordially on those days, but haven’t really done it happily. Every morning when I awake, I make myself a promise, to smile like I mean it. Believe me just one smile coming from the heart can not only make your whole being happy, but also spread the happiness to all those who you encounter. Making this a practice everyday, very simply adds to your core happiness quotient.

Feel Deeper- I had a sheltered childhood when I was growing up. Never knew what poverty or being less privileged meant. But I still remember my Dad bringing me National Geographic magazines and BBC documentaries to read and watch(there was no cable when I was growing up), so that I could know what was going on around the world. I have cried buckets watching them and then when I moved back to India and saw those conditions with my own two eyes, I really felt this need to DO more. I believe that till you can FEEL their pain, you know you are on the positive track. You are a good person. When you stop feeling, it means there is some part of your heart that’s not alive. Feeling another’s pain and trying to DO something about it brings about an immense sense of happiness and satisfaction within. Try it. Just Be there and lend your loving hand to someone everyday…..feel deeper to be happier.

Read Wisdom- There are a few books I have on my night stand and few on my work desk, which are full of inspirational words and prayers. When I am having a particularly difficult day, I just pick up any one book and read a paragraph. Instantly I’m back into thinking and feeling happy and positive. My friends Evita and Tess have these little cards full of inspirational quotes on their desks, fridges and walls to get them thinking happy positive thoughts. When you have inspiration around you, its hard not to get right back on the happy positive wagon.