There is an unnecessary mystification and obfuscation about Spiritualism. Its meaning is very simple. It means the utilization of breathing, smelling and sensing for perception, observation and theorization of the sense out of smells hypothesis. Unfortunately a lot of occult fantasy has been tagged to Spiritualism, changing or robbing it of its very practical meaning. With our eyes we can see very little. We cannot see more than 00.0037% of the reality, because the mind has the affliction of modelling only the 3D shapes, cutting away the entire wholeness.

Every organism—plant, tree, bacterium, bird, animal, fish, insects...all smell and sense from the same air. So one actually participates in the Biosphere in developing not merely knowledge but enlightenment and enchantment, by adopting the breathe based education. By adopting the air for observation, one actually participates with the earth, in its life as a member of the Solar System. May be from the Solar System, the sensing may advance even far towards the other stars, the galaxy...the method is feeling based understanding.

The most important need of spiritualism is nature in freedom, the blooming nature and nature allowed freely in its transformations. Nature is sacred, inviolable..., as it is nature that is the subject matter of breathe based observation, along with participation with nature. Then one as a participant with nature, ultimately changes into the reality that one is a macro body and not the 3D body. Ultimately one becomes a non-physical person.

Unfortunately from this wonderful Universal perspective, mankind has fallen into the putrid economics. Here nature is just a resource for the exclusive use of a few to tamper. Everything is totally poisoned and polluted for industrialization. Instead of participating with nature as nature, one has to exclude oneself from nature as a consumer of nature, as a manipulator of nature in the production of the unhealthy economic goods from the healthy free goods, in the exchange of the dead nature products as industrial goods and then basking in the distribution of the goods and amassing property which entitles one to tamper with nature.

Please just think what you are doing to yourself and nature itself by this economics-mania.

AUthro: Yeddanapudim

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