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10 Ways to Tell if Someone is Lying!

Honesty is the best policy, but as we know, not everyone uses it. People often tell lies for their own personal gain, to cheat somebo...

Honesty is the best policy, but as we know, not everyone uses it. People often tell lies for their own personal gain, to cheat somebody, or to prank a friend. The problem for these type of people is that they often give away small signs that when read by a knowledgeable person can stick out like a sore thumb. Once you know how to spot these signs, you can become a living lie detector.
1. Lack Of Or Too Much Eye Contact
The biggest indicator that someone is telling a lie is lack of or too much eye contact. It’s a common belief that when people lie they avoid eye contact and look elsewhere, but, while this is often true, some liars make too much eye contact just to try to make you believe that they are speaking the truth.
2. Foot Movement
When people are lying, they often exhibit signs of nervousness or anxiety. Foot movement is a huge indicator of anxiety and nervousness. Liars often shake their legs or make regular leg movements to avoid tension.  This is a clear-cut clue to catch a liar.
3. Shorter Responses
When lying, people often stay silent during the conversation or give shorter responses. They also tend to use more ahhs, errs, and umms to fill the gaps. If a person is making more speech errors than usual, it’s a clear indication that they are lying.
4. Too Much Sweating
Some people sweat excessively when they lie. This abnormal sweating happens because of an adrenaline rush from anxiety and nervousness.
5. Change in Pitch
If you observe someone communicating in a higher pitch than normal it can be a sign of lying. Some people also tend to maintain a lower than normal pitch. A high or low pitch indicates that there is something off.
6. Changing the Subject
The thought process required to support a lie should be fast. Not everyone has a fast-enough thought process so they change the subject to something completely different.
7. Fidgeting
When people are lying, they often touch objects around them to relieve stress. Some people might act as if they are more interested in the object than the conversation to avoid confrontation.
8. Face Touching
Studies have found that when people lie, they often rub their nose. Experts believe that the adrenaline rush opens the capillaries of the nose, making it itchy. Some people also cover their mouth and eyes while lying.
9. Excessive Lip Licking
Lying puts stress on our body, and the biggest indicator of body stress is a dry mouth. In order to rectify this, liars are often observed licking their lips often.
10. The Shoulder Shrug
The shoulder shrug is another unconscious move people sometimes do when they're not actually agreeing to something. If they shrug their shoulders while speaking it could be they're not really believing what they're saying, or do not agree with you to the degree you think. This is usually a lie but may sometimes indicate just a lack of openness and an inability to express their true feelings.
People often shrug their shoulders when they don’t know or agree to something. If someone is shrugging while speaking it may indicate they don’t agree with what is coming out of their own mouth.