Control of Fear: Fear is simply the mechanism of alertness. When fear takes over, every cell of the 10000 trillion cells of our body gets ready for team action. It is a positive mechanism. One need not be ashamed of it. In fact one needs to feel happy about it. What one needs to be wary of is, fear paralysis generated by negativism.. Let me explain. Suppose, someone threatens to beat you. You automatically want to beat him back, giving ten kicks for every kick you receive. But to your dismay you find that your body is shivering and is asking you to run away. IT MEANS THAT YOUR BODY IS NOT OBEYING YOUR MIND.YOU HAVE NO SELF CONTROL. Devoid of direction from the mind, the cells are not coordinating and have become aimless. It is the result of chronic negativism and ingrained self disapproval. The simple fact is, self approval leads to approval by others. Self respect brings a general respect from everyone else. You cannot run away from your own body. So better make it obey you. Meditation, concentration and correct physical exercises are best to improve this. This must be based on thoughts of self approval.
You really do not feel fear when the thing you fear is actually happening. Fear paralysis or terror takes over only after the feared event. That terror is thought generated. When negativism dominates, your decision will be to escape from the repetition of the feared event. But if you are positive, you take it as a challenge and eagerly wait for its re-occurrence. YOU BECOME TERROR STRICKEN ONLY BECAUSE OF YOURSELF. TERROR IS YOUR OWN THOUGHT HABIT. OTHERS CAN NEVER CREATE TERROR IN YOU IF YOU REFUSE TO BE TERRORIZED.IT SIMPLY IS YOUR THOUGHT HABIT.
Body Language:
Suppose you can see everything. Suppose your capacity to see is not restricted to the visible spectrum and you can see atoms, the sub atomic particles…everything! THEN WHEN YOU LOOK AT YOURSELF YOU FIND THAT BILLIONS OF ATOMS AND PARTICLES ARE MOVING OUT OF YOU AND BILLIONS OF ATOMS AND PARTICLES ARE ENTERING YOU.YOU SEE THE GIGANTIC INTERACTIONS. YOU CANNOT SEE YOURSELF, AS YOU SEE YOURSELF NOW.  In fact when you can see everything, you cannot even conceptualize yourself. You become the Universe.. Your own life is actually the Universe in action; you are that Big Bang or the Space-time continuum in action. Body language thus, is the outcome of your participation in the Universe as the Universe.
Now, when you stand by the side of a person, millions of atoms and particles go from you to that person and millions of atoms and particles enter you from that person. You are a flow of atoms and those atoms ultimately are atoms of thought. The spectrum of light or photons transform into a spectrum of thoughts or into a spectrum of consciousness. Your thoughts and general temperament radiate from you and you need not say a single word. This communication from and to you is what I call the body language. According to the EPR Paradox (Einstein-Podolsky and Rosen Paradox), when something happens to a particle, it effects every other particle instantly at a speed which is several times faster than light. This paradox of effects communicating at a speed faster than light is still to be solved by Physicists. BUT THAT IS BODY LANGUAGE.
That is the actual mode of communication for every one. Our bodies converse and communicate with each other continuously. You cannot tell lies with your body. But you cannot tell truth with words, even when you want to. In conversation you always censor, edit, suppress, and lie, consciously and unconsciously. You control your words.
Source: YM - yeddanapudim

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