What does it mean to find your soul? To me, finding my soul was to find my new vision. That is, finding the true way of seeing things. Through this discovery, I have found my life purpose. But that is another subject! Here are directions on how to become conscious. Worked for me!
The following is a short exercise to help you find your soul as I did. All that is required is a mirror and a well lit room.

1. Look inside your mirror until you can see your image within the pupil of your eye.
2. Acknowledge that this is your REFLECTION.
3. Step back. Close your eyes. Look in the mirror again. However, this time you will recognize this image as ANOTHER PERSON quietly residing within your head.

4. Acknowledge that this PERSON is looking back at you. We will call this person, -Soul-
5. Look at this person called -Soul -. See yourself looking at -Soul-.
6. Now mentally turn this perspective around 180 degrees and see your -Soul- look at you. Become the -Soul- quietly residing within your head. You now have an inside perspective looking OUT while you are looking in.
7. Slowly turn away from the mirror to observe your surroundings with this new perspective. Look OUT through -Soul-'s eyes.
8. At this time, things should appear distant to you. This is your new vision, your 3rd eye. This is your soul. Remember this feeling so that you may recall it when you wish to view things from your soul's perspective. If this has not happened, repeat the exercise until it does.

Once this distance is acquired, continue to observe life through your -Soul's- eyes. Things will look crystal clear. It is important to not only observe life through this vision, but also to think. Ask yourself questions while you observe life with this new vision. You will find the answers miraculously arrive...just as if they were there waiting for you all this time.
picture credit: Pixabay

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